June 11, 2013

Dress like a 4th grader

Rest assured that new ice cream is being made this week...

I'm well-aware (more or less) that there's other things to wear in the world besides neon shorts.  I guess my question is, "Why would you want to wear something other than neon shorts?"  And, more importantly, if you're living in central Missouri and simply getting dressed up enough to go to the grocery store, a sundress might get you some weird looks.

Shirt: American Eagle // Shorts/sandals: Old Navy
Just like neon shorts will earn you the side-eye in Alaska.  Why do you think I waited until I was here to bust them out?

This is the American Eagle shirt my mom bought me for Christmas two years ago.  I wore it to school under a long sleeve t-shirt (also from AE, thankyouverymuch) and a kid had the same shirt on.  She was quick to point it out too.  It was...awesome.  Actually, I really liked that kid (Zoe).  She liked to talk about WWII.  She was, arguably, my favorite.

Why do I hold onto American Eagle t-shirts and still wear them at 27 1/2 years old?  I love crewneck t-shirts (see: weird neck thing).  There aren't enough crewneck t-shirts available in this world.  (Do you have a secret place you buy them?)

Also, I was worried about these sandals being comfortable.  Turns out, they are!  I know. I'm shocked too, but I wear them almost everyday.  They can dress up a pair of shorts in a way that flip-flops can't, don't you think?

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  1. I'm loving that shirt and the sandals! Super cute.

  2. Teachers aren't supposed to have favorites! Says the teacher that has at least one favorite every year. I think right now I have 2 or 3...

  3. Well you just look so dang cute :)

  4. You could totally wear those sandals with anything. Neon shorts? A little harder to pair, but I think you did a good job. Plus, ain't nothing wrong with a little neon. ;)

  5. Frankly, I don't think you're dressing like a 4th grader. I think 4th graders are dressing like you. 4th graders should not have clothes from AE.

  6. I wore neon pink shorts on saturday. They're my fav! I actually hate shorts...unless they're in a fun color. Yesterday I wore a pair of purple ones. I love that outfit and don't think you look like a 4th grader. I agree with the above comment that 4th graders are trying to look older. I didn't have clothes from AE, A&F, hollister, etc until 8th grade (granted back then I don't even know if those stores were popular when I was a 4th grader, but still). I wore kids clothes...from the kids department. Anyway, the whole outfit is a big thumbs up.

  7. those shorts are so cute! i want some neon ones! and i've worn a dress that a third graders had - thankfully not the same day and then i stopped wearing it to school.

  8. Yeah, I couldn't wear those here. (I'm not really into neon, but the point remains!) ;)

    I was unaware that crew neck t-shirts were hard to find...?

  9. That's pretty funny about the student wearing the same shirt. I never even considering walking into an American Eagle store until I was married to Angel. Then it turns out it's one of his primary clothes shopping places because not that many stores make clothes for extra-small men except stores catering to teenagers. :P

  10. I KNEW that teachers have favorites. They're just not supposed to admit it right?
    That's really funny that you and your student had the same shirt! My friend and I twinned with our Spanish teacher full on (from the same polka dot shirt to the same riding boots) one time. We got a couple of weird looks but it was pretty funny. I guess having the same clothes is more normal in high school though...right?

  11. i love the colored shorts =)

    ps. do you want to follow each other?



  12. I love the shirt :) And that shorts is amazing!

    If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest: http://fashchronicles.blogspot.com

  13. I almost got those same sandals!


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