May 6, 2013

Now that we're here...

...I swear I'm never getting in a car again.

Scott wants to drive to Pennsylvania this weekend, since we haven't been home since Christmas.  To the normal person, this isn't a big deal.  I'm still having trouble accepting the fact that we can just "get in the car and go" somewhere when we want to go somewhere.  We spent 3 1/2 years not being able to go anywhere.  It's a really weird feeling.

The only way we can go to PA is if we buy new truck this week.  Like we don't have enough to do, right?  We had a bit of an overheating issue with our we don't want to take it to PA. That's a 13 hour drive.   My car won't be here until the end of the month, and we've been looking at new trucks for at least 6 months now.  However, we're currently in the fortunate position of having no vehicle-debt.  The idea of taking on a truck payment isn't appealing.

What have we been doing this last 36 hours besides driving for 18 hours straight?

We went to Mt. Rushmore.

This is what Mt. Rushmore was supposed to look like.

Speaking of "supposed to look like"...this is what our house here is supposed to look like.  We'll see now, won't we...
At 7am this morning, we found a hotel room to stay in for the next day and a half, until we can get into that house.

We set up water, sewer, and electric.  I called to set up internet installation (Friday...meh) and DirecTV (June...yuck).  We still need to go to the post office.  We still need to do laundry.  Tomorrow, we need to weigh the truck, so we can get paid for the move.  Then we need to do a walk-through inspection of our new place (that we haven't even seen yet), and then, I suppose, we'll need to go to the grocery store.  I am so excited to cook again.

Actually, last night, after not sleeping at all (we drove from SD to Iowa to Missouri), I felt so tired and dizzy and nauseous.  It's been a long day.

We did eat lunch, sitting outside, at Panera.  News flash:  Panera is approximately 5 minutes from us now.  I haven't done enough exploring to find a Target yet.  Soon.  Very soon.  Kansas City seemed to have some amazing shopping.  It's about 4 hours north, but I'm sure we could eventually go there for a weekend.

I am pushing for Dairy Queen for dinner though.  Why the heck not?

Also, I'm probably going to start looking for gym classes and work on a teaching application for next year.  Even if it's only subbing a couple of days a week. I mean, I started thinking today...we left everything in Alaska.  We have to start over.  What do people do when they start over all the time like this?  I don't have any friends here!  I have nowhere to go and nothing to do.  This is mildly terrifying.

What do you do when you move to a new place and know nothing about what you should be doing with yourself??

I call this place "new", but he lived here for 4 months right before we went to Alaska and I lived here for a month.  I'm familiar with it...but I still need something to do.  I'm probably overreacting.  Once I have a house to live in again, it might all even out.

*Oh, you might've noticed my blog button seems to have disappeared from my sidebar.  Thanks to my internet-illiteracy, of course.  Angi and Natalie tried to help... sigh...I'm working on a new one (seriously, I am.. I have nothing to do with my time now).


  1. Look at all that sunshine!!!!! Can I move in with you guys?? I mean...PANERA!?

  2. Enjoy Panera for me! We don't have it in El Paso. Boo!

  3. Kansas City has AWESOME shopping!
    So glad you're finally in Missouri!
    Anddddd I can't believe you might drive to PA. That's driving dedication ;)

  4. Yay! You're pretty much home! Glad everything went smoothly so far. If you do get DQ for dinner, I hope you get the chicken strip basket with the toast and gravy. I haven't had that in forever, but the toast was always my favorite part.

  5. I'm glad that you've arrived!!

    I wish I had some advice for how you start over again....but I've lived in the same town my whole life (aside from college, of course). BUT even though it may be difficult, I'm sure that you'll feel better when you get settled into your house. As you find a gym and hopefully get into teaching, you'll make friends. The unknown is scary, but you'll be ok. And you're 5 minutes from Panera. Things are already looking up! :)

    AND if you do venture out here to PA, let me know! :)

  6. Wow I guess I never think about things I take for granted... Panera, driving places, etc. I just showed Mike your photos so he could see what Mt Rushmore was supposed to look like, he says you guys look photoshopped in ;) It was a beautiful day that you were there!

  7. Mt. Rushmore is on my list of things to see.

    I didn't know you were from PA.

  8. It is NOT easy starting over... done that a few times already, and going to do it again soon. New stores, new Thai restaurant, new hairdresser, new friends, new house... ah!

  9. i give you a lot of credit for having to start over! i would totally have a fit. i hope you find your target soon! can't be without one. :)

  10. I see green grass! That's a start to something happy right should fix anything else.

  11. Hope the house is everything you want it to be. It is always scary figuring out the new life. I am most worried about making new friends, that is the hardest part!

  12. I have no idea how you survived that trip, the 13 hour drive to PA you mentioned sounds unbelievably long to me. Good luck with getting settled, I hope the house inspection goes well and you love it!

  13. Woohoo, you made it!!! The house looks beautiful, as does the blue skies and green grass:-) I'm embarrassed to say that I had to use Google Maps to see where Missouri is because 13 hours sounds crazy! only 11 to me in Pittsburgh;-) enjoy Panera too, their new salads are awesome.

  14. Yippie! I'm so excited that you made it :)
    Panera close to home would be pretty dangerous for me!

  15. I'm so glad you got there! And so much driving, I'd never get in a car again either.

    Panera - YES!!!!!

  16. Starting over in a new place does sound slightly terrifying when I think about the fact that I actually know how to drive to all the places I want to do here...but it also sounds like a great adventure!


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