April 17, 2013

Of interest...

In case you're interested:

Want to not gain weight on a cruise ship?  Here's some tips I found online the other day.  Or, you know, you could just go on a Carnival Cruise.  You'll spend most of the time throwing up and lose weight like I did.

This tells you exactly why you should stay away from glaciers.  Makes me sick in my stomach. I had a bad dream about a glacier once.  Haunted me for weeks and it was quite similar to this horribly sad story.

Also terribly sad is what's happening in Boston.  It's my favorite city.

AFAA is coming to the base in Alaska to do Group Exercise Certification training...the week after we leave Alaska.  I've been wanting this for almost a year and they only come here once or twice a year.  We were on the above mentioned cruise when they were here in December.  Now we're leaving.  I'm already researching courses in Missouri.  Thankfully they do classes there a bit more frequently.

This is how you Alaskanize a spring dress.  

I have some black wedges that are just begging to be worn with this.  Quite unfortunate. Maybe in a few weeks.

Dress: Target // Leggings: Kohl's // Boots:  Steve Madden
You can make cupcakes look good by just piling stuff on top of them.  I cannot decorate a cupcake to save my life.  So I dolloped 2 kinds of icing on them and piled on the marshmallows.

Yum. right?  I picked off the marshmallows (to enjoy separately) and ate the melted frosting with a spoon.  Scott ate the cupcakes like a normal person.

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  1. I love that dress, it's so fun! :)

  2. Your winterization of the spring outfit is cute! I'm still having to try to get over my no brown with black rule that people use to do because you can do it now :)

  3. That glacier story was so sad. I feel bad for that family. Glaciers should really just be admired from afar...!

    Cupcakes.......I need some.

  4. That glacier story is so sad, that poor child.

    I LOVE that dress. Super cute. And the cupcakes? I need them!

  5. So when does it stop snowing there? Like, mid-June? Does anyone ever wear a swimsuit? Ever?

  6. Don't miss living in snow at ALL! Wouldn't mind going for a visit! I'll just keep enjoying my Hawaiian trade winds!

    Stopping by from the Wednesday Walkabout!

  7. Cute dress. Boo for snow. Yummy looking cupcakes!

  8. So I went and read your link about the Carnival Cruise and I totally agree! Hubby & I did that for our honeymoon and I got food poisoning on the last day and they were all freaking out and denying any responsibility. Also: we wanted more time on the islands and more activities. It seemed like everyone else was there to play in the casinos or else...was a kid. Good posts, both.

  9. That is so sad about the glacier :( They scare me too!

  10. I'd eat the cupcakes your way too. And that is such a cute dress!!

  11. That dress is seriously too cute! And I love how you styled it for cooler (ha) weather. You look adorable.

    A Devine Life


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