April 10, 2013

Neck phobia

It's been snowing all damn week.  We had a snow day yesterday.

Me peeking through the window on Sunday.
So I refused to take a picture outside.  I'm stubborn like that.

I wanted to share my weirdo neck phobia though.  I hate having my neck exposed when it's cold out.  On our cruise this past winter, I wore tank tops every day and felt really good.  But as soon as a cool breeze starts blowing (it didn't in the Caribbean), I get all weird and put a scarf on.  Alaska, for me, has involved lots and lots of turtlenecks.  One reason I'm glad I started posting outfits on this blog is because it's prevented me from putting on a turtleneck, a sweater, and a pair of pants each and every workday.  For that, I'm deeply grateful.

In the jungle, I was warm.
This shirt is one that I bought at Express in Miami in December.  I love it.  I didn't try it on in the store though because I couldn't find the dressing room (problems, problems...).  Upon my return to the motherland Alaska, I noticed the neckline was obscenely low for my taste.  I have a skewed definition of "obscene".
Shirt: Express // Watch: Fossil
So I put it over top of this dress I bought on the LOFT website last fall.  I think it's a winning combination.  Nice and conservative.  And, of course, I wore a scarf most of the day.

Dress: LOFT // Boots: Decree at JCP // Scarf: Target

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  1. I never heard of anyone else like this! I don't know if mine is weather related or not, but I'm also rather sensitive about having my neck exposed. In high school, I went for about three years wearing a choker every day because I couldn't not be wearing something around my neck! Now, Angel makes fun of me and tries to sneak up and touch my neck if I'm not "protecting" it.

  2. Too funny! I don't like for my neck or ankles to be cold either! How people wear flip flops in the winter is beyond me! I do not envy you still having snow! We are in the 80's this week..finally! So excited for warmth! Super cute outfit!

  3. I like that shirt and dress combo! And I own zero scarves... lol

  4. What a cute outfit. So question, since I'm sure you have lots of leggings - do you own a pair of brown ones and where did you find them if so? I couldn't find a pair for the life of me and I'll need some for an outfit I wanted in the fall.

  5. I am the same way about my neck being exposed in the cold! It drives me crazy and I want to put a scarf on everyone who isn't wearing one haha.

  6. I really like shirts over dresses. it looks great!

  7. LOL You would find me downright skanky with some of my necklines if that's obscene. ;)

  8. I'm with Mrs. K. I'm a total skank too. lol My uniform is typically yoga pants/blue jeans + Target V-neck tshirt. And someone is usually attempting to pull the V down to my belly button in an attempt to stand up. So hello sports bra! ;)

  9. Cute outfit, with or without the scarf. :)

  10. You look adorable! I don't envy you the snow.

  11. I want to come raid your closet. :)

    That being said. I'm sorry there's snow in Alaska. Spring has finally arrived here. It's been very warm...almost hot. But temps are dropping for the weekend. I'm still ok with that because they'll still be spring-like for PA. I'm done with snow. So I hope Mother Nature is, too!

  12. I actually don't really like things around my neck. I have never gotten into cute scarves, except with my outdoor coat. (never with an outfit or anything.)

  13. I love that skirt, shirt, and boot combo!! I wouldn't go outside either. :)

  14. Me too! I hate exposing my neck in the cold. Even if I'm wearing the warmest outfit, If I don't also have a scarf or hat on, I'm still freezing my butt off. Love this outfit :) And don't worry, we got a few inches of snow yesterday in Minnesota too. *sigh* Spring will come eventually!

    Sunny with a side of...


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