April 25, 2013

Alaska Flashbaska

I didn't have a blog when we first moved to Alaska.
Let's take a trip down memory lane!

September 28(ish), 2009
We arrived. *shudder*

It was a nine-day drive, with most of that being through Canada.
Our U-Haul in British Columbia.  It was freaking cold there.  

In front of the "Welcome to Alaska" sign. We look so happy.  I think it was just relief to be out of Canada.

Alaska..somewhere just over the border

British Columbia 
I can't believe I used to take a billion pictures (with a very bad camera) out the windshield.

Our first rental.  We moved in on October 3, 2009.

...we moved in because I was in love with the kitchen. That's slab granite.  And it was lovely.

Then it started doing this ^ all the time and it was no longer lovely.

My outlook improved on February 24, 2010, when Scott returned from deployment #1.

I feel silly calling it a "deployment".  He just caught the tail end of it (4 months). Most of the unit had been gone for a year, so we got lucky that time.  

But look!  I used to hike.

October 2009

May 2010

May 2010

And I guess I used to go outside at night in the winter too.  December 2009. (The coldest night ever.)

Hey, we used to do touristy things too.

I named him Huggles the Harbor Seal.  And then I bought the stuffed animal version at the gift shop.

Oh, Seward.  You are the bane of my existence.  
9 trips there in 3 1/2 years.  Completely unnecessary.


  1. I wish Alaska were warmer, less rainy (Sitka) and less...a lot of things. Just less.

    Because it's pretty, and I really *want* to like living here.

  2. I love the pictures, I want to visit just not live there haha.

  3. Any time you or Angi share photos of Alaska, I think "That is just SO beautiful", but I guess after a while I would NOT want to live there, just visit. Haha. Glad you're getting out for now :)

  4. I think it's important that you remind yourself that you used to go outside in the winter. :) If for no other reason than it's just proof that you did it! haha

  5. It IS really beautiful up there!

  6. It looks beautiful there. My best friend from our current location is PCSing there and leaves Saturday. :( The worst part of this lifestyle is saying "see ya later" to the good friends that you make.

    Your house looks cute. I'm a sucker for a good kitchen too!

  7. I love the title of this post. "Flashbaska" made me smile.

    Your pics are beautiful...such nice scenery!

  8. Alaska really is lovely. I would like to visit there someday. But I don't want to live there. Never ever.

  9. I'm so glad you moved to Alaska, because you started your blog. :) Then I met you!

  10. Steve throws around the idea of living in Alaska and I will admit that I prefer to live in places where sweating year-round is not a "thing" but being trapped in the house with Thing 1 and Thing 2 for DAYSSSS on end??? Hell to the no, mister.

  11. You looked so happy in the early days ;)

    And Im with Jenn, no way I am living somewhere I can't go outside!

  12. Hahah, Jenn's comment was awesome! But really, as much as I still want to visit Alaska someday (every one of those pictures made me do a "I want to goooo there!") even I would go batshit crazy living there. I'll take my Pacific Northwest in the lower 48 :)

    Love those pics of you and Scott together though - you are so happy!

  13. Good post! I loved the photos. When I lived there, I was sharing a rebel and using a disposable camera. My Alaska photos are a-nonexistent or b-not digital & crap quality. I got my first digital camera three days before leaving. Esther Norine Designs estherdavison@gmail.com still noreply. I'm thinking of paying someone to fix my account for me.

  14. And now you can look back on it with fond memories! The photos really are beautiful.

  15. You can always come back to Florida!!


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