March 18, 2013

Not your average Monday

Scarf/Jeans: Target  //  Shirt: Gap ($3!) // Boots: Steve Madden
That ridiculous smile is on my face because I don't have to go to work today.

My poor husband needs me to drive him to a follow-up exam, as he cannot yet see well enough to drive himself.


However, even though I have to get up insanely early anyway for this appointment, I get to take a nap later.  So it's okay.

I'll go backwards..

1.  Last night we had a dinner party (yes, I'm serious).

2.  We went to church.

3.  We did absolutely nothing related to St. Patrick's Day.

4.  We watched Life of Pi.  It was okay.  I don't want to elaborate any further than that because that's my only feeling on the movie:  "okay".  I liked the underlying message about faith, though.

5.  We ate this marshmallow stuff.  If there ever was a perfect food, it's the marshmallow.

6.  I found out that I can do a pull-up now.  Which was actually reallyreallyreally exciting.  I've never done a pull-up or chin-up or whatever in my entire life.

7.  I made something so horribly disgusting that I'm hesitant to even show a picture.  It was awful, and kind of looked like something you'd see a zombie eating on The Walking Dead.  It involved red velvet cake mix, Chex, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and some other stuff.  Oh-em-gee, was it terrible!  I probably wouldn't be doing you any favors if I shared more details.

As for Scott's recovery..damn.  Don't get PRK.
On Wednesday, after the surgery, he was doing this:  Messing with the scope on a rifle (for the record, I told him not to).

On Thursday, he retreated to a dark lair (the loft) and listened to a book on tape all day.

By Friday, he was sitting on the couch with a blanket over his head.  That was too sad to take a picture of.  I can't even imagine what it felt like, and I really don't want to.

By Saturday, he was feeling better.

Scott's friend took this picture.  When I said, "full length", this is what he took.  When I said, "No, not the background, zoom in", he said, "You said full length!".  I said, "But I don't want the trees in it". And he hissed, "Then why are we out here???"

Non-bloggers don't understand.

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  1. You guys look SO DANG HAPPY! It makes me happy to see you two so happy. I hope Scott feels better asap--it's the worst to see our men in a pitiful state. We did nothing related to st. patty's day either--and it was glorious!

  2. PRK is terrible. Kev had a few years ago too and woke up the next morning positive that he would never see again. Four years later though, and no issues. Hope you enjoy your last day off!

  3. I am really in the dinner party mode too but not sure who all I'd invite and what all I'd serve but it be fun :)

  4. I love those photos of you two! You look so happy! And I have my roommates take photos of me and Mike all the time - and half of the photo is of the sky. Why do people always make your head the middle of photos?? I want to see my outfit in it, duuhh!! I hope Scott is feeling better and that marshmallow popcorn looks epic.

  5. Sounds exactly like Kyle after he had PRK, he was miserable. But thankfully the bad side effects don't last too long. Love the picture of you guys. :)

  6. I love that picture of you guys! PRK recovery sounds awful...I'd still do it though...that's how badly I want to get rid of my glasses/contacts, haha.

    I was glad to see this post. Means you survived the dinner party.

  7. For some reasons, most guys can't take photos. My husband just took a simple photo of me on my phone but it's blurry and has part of his thumb in it. Seriously?

  8. Haha "non-bloggers don't understand", so true! I like that photo, with or without trees :)

  9. Chris had PRK and it was MISERABLE for the first week and a half. Just horrible. But after that he healed up really nicely except for one incident involving a zipper to the eye. I hope Scott keeps resting his eyes until they're good and healed!
    And also, maybe I've missed pictures of you two but you're a good looking couple! If that's not creepy to say...if it is...then let's just forget this ever happened.

  10. Hope Scott gets to feeling 100% soon! (And that popcorn looks divine - I may be making a little treat to take to Micah's softball game tonight. :))

  11. I love that picture! It makes me smile to see you so happy! :)

    Hope Scott is better soon!

  12. Goody for not having to go into work. Hope it means the hubby will be feeling better soon, though. I totally know what you mean about non-bloggers taking pics. I have conversations with my hubby that sounds just like that. :-)

  13. Okay, so the ingredients SOUND like they'd be good together. What was it supposed to be???

    Sorry the recovery is so long! Bummer that you had to take off work. ;)

  14. I've had to do the full-length explanation so many times with my husband and my brother. It's a hard concept to grasp. I did nothing related to St. Patrick's Day, either.

  15. that was me after my lasik. I wish I had had PRK. It is sooo much better for your eyes to do that especially when you are in the line of work that could possibly be fighting etc. I had Lasik 5 years ago and I need to look into getting it again as I now have glasses (that I hate).


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