February 26, 2013

Sad sweaters

Who shops when they feel bad for themselves?

Get your hands up.  You know you do it too.

I don't shop when I'm frustrated because, really now, have you ever been in a store when frustrated?  The public will generally frustrate you even more...

However, I do shop when I'm sad.  That's how Target and I developed such a close relationship when Scott was deployed.

One day, after a parent told me that I was not doing my job, this pink sweater fell into my cart at Target.  Along with a stack of clearance plates, tortilla chips, and a jar of queso.

That was a good night.

Another time, after another parent conversation that was less than wonderful, I found myself at Target at 10pm. This snow leopard sweater, as well as Mindy Kaling's book, and an extra-large bag of Hershey's Kisses made their way into the basket.

I know I've shown this sweater before.  I do really like it, and it was only $15 on clearance.

Sweater: Target // Scarf:  Land's End // Pants: JCP

Do you shop when you're sad?  I think I look at it as, "Well, I can't feel worse, so maybe I'll find something to make me feel better!".
We can call that the "Becky-Bloomwood-approach".


  1. When I still had disposable income, I would shop when I was sad. Now I just eat some chocolate to cure the blues.

  2. Shopping has always played a huge role in life here. Whenever any of my boys had a problem, were angry, sad or just needed to talk, we went shopping. Whether it was at the Mall of America or just Walmart or Target, after walking around for a while the boys would open up and spill whatever it was that was bothering them.

    Of course, we always ended up buying things we really didn't need but, shopping therapy always worked~

  3. you know I've shared about using target as therapy! Lots last summer. it really does make me feel better! i love your sweater and is it the "why is everyone hanging out without me?" book. I really like that one!

  4. Yep, I am. I didn't used to be, but it makes me feel a bit better! Target seems to fix the sadness.

  5. I do. I have no money until March though. Sigh.

  6. When I get sad, I online shop. By the time I've put a few hundred dollars' worth of stuff in my online cart, though, I'm usually feeling better and then I talk myself out of buying anything.

    If I had a Target (or ANY store worth mentioning) that would be another story.

  7. I always shop when I'm sad...sometimes I buy things sometimes I don't. Just depends on how sad I am haha.

  8. I try not to shop when I'm sad cause that's when I spend far too much money. That sweater is definitely adorable, though. Totally worth it! :-)

  9. I always shop when I'm sad. When I'm hungry too, which is another story. Except instead of shopping for clothes, I buy props. Hello, plate addiction, nice to meet you.

  10. I love Becky Bloomwood!! AND yes, I do. I had Old Navy super cash at the beginning of the month. I was planning to use it, needed to use it, wanted to use it, and may have gone a bit overboard because I went right after school.

    Bad idea.

    With the year I'm having, I could've bought everything in the store to try to make myself feel better.

  11. YES! I shop when I am sad all the time. It's a horrible habit but one that's not going to be broken anytime soon.

  12. I would shop when I was sad...if I had any money! I read blogs when I'm sad. I also look at my Modern Family quote calendar. I'm not even kidding when I say that it makes my mornings 1000x better. I mean, nothing is good about 6:30 AM! Put in a funny quote of the day and everything is suddenly 100 times funnier!

  13. If I'm not wallowing in bed when I'm sad then I'm at the stores spending the cash I dont have, which then makes me even more sad. What can I say, it's a vicious cycle.

    Super cute sweater btw.

  14. When I was little my mom didn't want me to learn to eat when I was sad, so I wasn't allowed to have a sucker from the doctors after my shots. My dad just took me out crying. We had more errands including getting me new shoes. He said I stopped crying. The next time I was upset he took me to the shoe store. Still today when I am sad or bummed out I either buy shoes or just go try on expensive ones at Nordys to make myself feel better.

  15. Shopping when I am sad DEFINITELY helps improve my mood. I'm not thrilled when I see my credit card bill but oh well.

  16. Retail therapy always works! A new necklace always makes me feel better. I love the sweater you bought! Target is one dangerous place.



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