January 9, 2013

WTF Wednesday

First, let's all say Happy Birthday to Duchess Kate.

As seen in central Pennsylvania...
Those are real peacocks. Who keeps real peacocks on their front porch?  My dad says they've been there for 40 years. Weirdos.

As seen in the Hilton Hotel...
Stupid mini-bar

That's the same Hilton hotel that charged for wi-fi.

Also, I feel nothing short of blessed to know that I've helped 5 people discover more about the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.  I'm such a proponent for Alaska, after all.  I'm sure they learned a lot.

And then.. 
I fell in love with Marc Jacobs while in Nordstrom's the other day.
'Tis unfortunate, right?

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  1. Taxidermy peacocks?! That is just plain freaky! I definitely would NOT go on their porch! lmao.

  2. I have a January Birthday too and it's coming up here shortly. Not sure how I feel about turning 27, my 9 year old has told me I am going to be super old.. gee thanks kid.

    So yeah the peacock thing is more than a little weird..

  3. It's Miami! We stayed At the Ritz and they charged $5 for a can of coke and $13 a day for wifi!

  4. Peacocks are pretty, but that is some serious commitment.

  5. Oh my gosh. That makes me never want to go to a Hilton again. Also, I can't go to PA either. Peacocks (and all birds) are terrifying creatures.

  6. I think peacocks are so pretty - but not on my front porch. At all.

    I hate when hotels don't have free wi-fi.

  7. Those peacocks are creepy. I mean they're pretty but pretty weird too lol

  8. That's pretty strange about the peacocks. That bag is so pretty but the price tag is not. I really love that color though!

  9. Yikes, those peacocks are creepy!! No thank you.

  10. They probably have those peacocks on the porch to deter people from coming over. Those things are pretty but they can be mean!

    I want to know who in their right freaking mind pays $8.00 for a bag of peanut M&Ms.

  11. Wait, so are those peacocks real or stuffed? I love the peacock colors! That's a theme I'm considering for my someday wedding =]

    Marc Jacobs is my lusty affair.

  12. Are those peacocks stuffed? Or are they alive. I totally want some alive peacocks for my front stoop. Great bugler alarm, they can be mean! I looove Marc Jacobs but that is the exact reason I own nothing of his. Sometimes I hate being financially responsible.

  13. Wtf to BOTH of these things. I thought those peacocks were just pets and then you said forty years and then I was like umm people stuff peacocks??

    And that hotel stuff is just outrageous. The world we live in....

  14. Weird.

    That's a gorgeous bag, and my heart also breaks for you.

  15. This is a great post! Haha
    $3 for a can of coke. I mean come on. And the fact they had sensors put in to detect how long u take the can out. Seems like a lot of trouble for a cheap can of soda. Sounds like Hilton is scrounging for pennies.
    Anywho, I'm a follower from the walkabout. Nice to meet you.

  16. Those mini bars are annoying.

    And is tomorrow your birthday? Why oh why didn't I know this?

  17. Wait, are the peacocks alive or stuffed? (Am I dumb for asking??) There is a neighborhood in our town that has peacocks running around in it.

    I have seen the sensor minibars before as well. Ug. So annoying!

  18. Those peacocks are creepy! I love that bag!! Such a gorgeous color.



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