January 16, 2013


In a rare miracle of sorts, school was canceled the other day.  Alaska is strange in that they cancel school when it's too warm (something about melting and re-freezing....I don't really pay attention.)

-9*?  Get outside, kids.   44*?  Cancel school.

Whatever.  I've stopped trying to understand this place.

However, it meant I got a day off.

I got up early, vacuumed, prepared some stuff for dinner, went to the gym, blogged/tweeted a bit, took a shower, went sneaker-shopping, did some online shopping, watched some re-runs, read a book.

Wasn't an awful day.  I mean, I can see how it would get pretty boring, pretty quickly.  Scott's right.  A job suits me.

Katie's DIY Heart Sweater tutorial here
What doesn't suit me is leaving the house in the dark and returning home in the dark.

Since the rare opportunity for daylight presented itself on Monday, I got dressed.

You're welcome.

Sweater: Target clearance // Jeans*: JCP // Boots:  Steve Madden // Watch: Fossil

*Why yes, I do own only 2 pairs of jeans.  It's either ^these or these.


  1. LOVE your sweater! :) and that is so strange that it was too warm? alaska always surprises me!

  2. The canceling school because it's warm thing makes sense to me. I could never live there no, no sunlight for 6 months? I'd die - seriously.

    That sounds like my ideal Saturday though!

  3. Love your sweater! Found you on the WIWW link. Stay warm :)

  4. I love the sweater, it's awesome.

  5. That's a warm day! How weird!
    Also, I love how the sweater turned out!
    And also again, I just heart you! Reading your blog just makes me giggle

  6. Jeans! I love the outfit :) Something I would wear!

  7. I only ever wear two of my jeans as well. I have multiple pairs of the same exact one. Not ashamed one bit

  8. Love the sweater! That husband of yours is a keeper!

  9. Cute sweater! At first look I was like, is that a small lake on her sweater? But then realized it's a heart & fell in love with it.

    As for it being dark when you leave home & get home, I know exactly how much that stinks. One day I'll be able to get home & not have to turn on the lights when I go in. I miss the sun :(

  10. Wait, only 2 pairs? I'm impressed. I have way more than that, but I can also wear jeans to work, so it makes sense that I have more than one pair ;) Glad you made a productive day out of your free day!

  11. That's such a cute sweater! And I don't think I could take leaving the house in the dark and coming home in the dark either--Angel does it half the year because of 12 hr. shifts, but I love my sunlight!

  12. I love that sweater! Sometimes I wish we had snow days but then I remembered...my job would stay home from school. LOL

  13. Love your sweater! Glad you got to enjoy a sunny day off!! I feel you on leaving and coming home in the dark - I have a long drive to work and I do that often. It sucks.

  14. I have been waiting for a snow/ice day all year. Im super jealous! Yiur husband made you a very cute sweater!

  15. Cute outfit!

    It cracks me up that school was cancelled for you. We had a delay yesterday because of snow.....I didn't go today because I didn't feel like it. lol


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