December 12, 2012

Style Inspiration: Kate from Daffodils

Today, you get to meet Kate.  

Hers was one of the first blogs I started to follow, and I found Daffodil's randomly through a mutual army wife friend.  I'm so glad I did!
Kate takes gorgeous photos and shares cute anecdotes about her sweet family.
I find her style particularly inspiring because she has TWO little boys but still manages to look amazing.  She was one of those who inspired me to do the occasional fashion post; if she can do it, so can I!  Aside from my maxi skirt phobia, I'm pretty sure our style is nearly identical.
Thank you, Kate!

Hi kNook Readers! My name is Kate and you can find me over at Daffodils, blogging about my life in Monterey, Ca with my handsome husband and two sweet and crazy boys, Cullen and Bennett.

When Kristin first solicited guest posters, I over anxiously jumped on the chance. Kristin's blog is one of the few I read on my phone: you know, I see that she has updated and can't wait to take the time to get to my computer, so I click on her link right away. There are few blogs I do that for. Plus, I am a former teacher and fellow Army wife, and I really like ice cream, so naturally guest posting here feels right.

Since Kristin suffers in freezing temperatures to show us her stylish teacher looks, I decided to return the favor and show you how I keep a sense of style despite the fact that my left shoulder is constantly covered in dirt and snot.

 Here is one of my favorite looks:
It says 'I tried a little bit today, but my leggings are feeling right at home acting as pants.'
(Boots: Aldo: 3 years ago, leggings: Target, sweater: Target, Scarf: Unknown, Earrings: Francesa's, Dalmatian: Mine.)

Here is what I wore on Wednesday, and my first self timer pic. Maxi skirts and scarves are a Mommy's best friend. I like to add an extra pin for some sparkle.
Skirt: Loft, Shirt: Target, Scarf: Nordstrom's, Earrings: Lila Sophia
 I feel awkward posing alone, so here is my next outfit with one of my favorite accessories: Bennett. Colored skinnies quickly became part of my wardrobe staple. I love that they feel dressier than jeans, but still have the versatility for running around the playground.
Scarf: Lucky Brand, Sweater: Loft, Tank: Target Maternity (Best layering tops ever, go buy some now) Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: DV wedges, White Haired Baby: Mine.
My lazy Friday outfit, which headed out to Happy Hour, and then took a pic of itself after changing baby's pants (Thought process: O I look kinda cute, I should add this to my post for Kristin. Eww, Bennett, no licking the mirror!)
Same amazing Aldo boots, another Target maternity T, Target chambray shirt, Gap Scarf,
earrings: Loft
And finally, here is my dress up outfit for Mass Sunday morning. I am so cheap, I have had that skirt since high school and I pull it out every fall. I may or may not self high five for the fact that ten years and two kids later, I can still wear it.
Shoes: Macy's, Skirt: High School, don't remember!, Top: Target, Necklace: Boutique in Winston-Salem. NC

What you can take away from this post:
Shop at Target
Invest in clothes you love
Don't let dirty little boys cramp your style
Buy some colored skinnies from ON
Nails, Necklaces and Scarves are easy and affordable updates for any wardrobe. (I wear a scarf almost everyday and change my nails 2-3 time week.)

And there you have it: a simple mom's guide to staying on trend.

Thanks to Kristin for inspiring us all to put cute outfits together!


  1. Love your outfits! I'm not a mom, and I'm just lucky I can get out of bed in the morning! haha :)

  2. Thanks for having me. Hope you are having fun!!

  3. Love that first outfit (well, all of them!) - totally something I would wear. It's my goal to still be stylish after I have kids - most of the moms where I live seem to think once you have kids it's nothing but yoga pants and hoodies for the rest of your life - no thank you! haha.

  4. I love all of these outfits! Kate is pretty awesome. :)

  5. Thanks for showing me a new blog! Love your outfits. I need a new Mom x 2 makeover... and work out routine! Stat.


  6. This post reaffirms why I love you ladies! Also, I'm pretty sure I wore almost the exact same "lazy friday outfit" today (which also made a nice transition into happy hour). And more importantly, Bennett is the cutest accessory ever.

    Great post!


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