December 19, 2012

From CA to KS: Fudge and funny stuffs.

When I knew I'd need guest-posters, I was quick to hunt down Mallory.  She didn't even have to ask!
She and I have so much in common:  the love of cheap wine, a distaste for all things cold/snow-like, and (by the recipe she shares below) the same taste in dessert.  How did she know I like to make a tray of fudge and gnaw on it straight out of the freezer?  

I'm Mallory and I blog over at From California To Kansas
From California to Kansas
And I am so excited to be here at (in?) Kristin's kNook today!

I don't know how I found Kristin's blog (isn't that how it always goes?).

One day, many moons ago...I found this blog that was filled with sarcasm, yummy foods, and a really funny (funny ha ha) outlook on life in Alaska and I was hooked.

I immediately, in proper creeper fashion, read every single post, and made sure to comment on about 10 of the not very most recent posts.

Today, I'm here to entertain you. 
My blog, it's filled with pictures of my dog, the occasional recipe or anecdote about life.
And because Kristin obviously has a winning formula over here, I'm going to share a little food and a few laughs with y'all.

First of all:
This fudge. I'm sure your grandmother, if she's anything like mine, has this ohmygod best fudge ever recipe that is also something along the lines of: use the special copper pot, take it to 167 degrees, not 165, add 3 drops of vanilla, a grain of salt, some special Grandma Magic and voila! Fudge!

I didn't bring you that today because I like you.
No, I brought the ohmygod best fudge ever and shut up it's not that easy recipe.

Here's the Pin I found this on. Follow the directions. No special Grandma Magic needed. 

Put in the fridge until it is set.

You're welcome.
P.S. My husband keeps insisting I toss walnuts in there. You try it out, let me know how it is. Maybe I'll humor him one day.

(I love walnuts/pecans in fudge.  Add the walnuts. -Kristin)

On to the funnies, which aren't as good as the fudge, but hey, I can't be fantastic 110% of the time.

I also believe in a good theme. And since Christmas started in August this year (looking at you Walmart and Target), let's just stick with a winter/Christmas theme thing, shall we?

I like this cat. He has personality.

This happens when I'm in a hurry. Lesson: Never go to the grocery store when you really need groceries. Wait until Starvation sets in.

It is irrelevant if Kristin even likes cats, because I'm sure she says this all winter long.

This kills me. It makes me want to hug the sign maker from how many times I have laughed over it.

And finally, just for you Mrs. D:

Kristin, enjoy your vacation!!

I've totally got it handled over here!

Y'all, feel free to visit my little blog. 
Seriously though.
Make the fudge.


  1. Wow that tattoo is a little much lol!

  2. People born and raised in Alaska LOOOOOOVE to get state of Alaska tattoos. It's beyond me. I grew up in Washington and I loooooooooove that state but I wouldn't get the darn outline tattooed on me. But if I had a dollar for every person here with an Alaska-themed tattoo...I could retire at the ripe old age of 29.

  3. Mm...fudge. I have some in the kitchen right now that I'm dying to dive into! I'd love to make some, though!! :)

    Those pictures are hilarious. Love the Dear Santa one! And the first cat (dashing through the NO) was the picture my friend put on facebook for our holiday party event. lol


  4. Oh my goodness. I just laughed so hard at the shopping cart e-card, my husband asked what was so funny. He didn't laugh at all. Guess he doesn't understand that this happens to me all the time...or he was distracted by the video game he's playing. :)

  5. I get the bad cart EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am always in a rush and my punishment is the cart with the noisy clunky wheel.


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