November 1, 2012

It's okay.

...When I think, " apocalypse wouldn't be the worst thing in the world."

...When I would rather not be on the east coast for a hurricane this week.

Yeah, I guess I'm thankful to be in Alaska.

Then again, here, I'm under constant threat of volcanic eruption and earthquake.

Speaking of Alaska (aren't we always?)...

.....Last week, I was filling out an answer key for an Alaska geography quiz.  I was going off of memory because I was lazy and, as I wrote, "The Yukon is the longest river in Alaska and the Koyukhuk is another river in the Yukon River Valley", I thought, "WHY DO I KNOW THIS STUFF?"
What a waste of brain space. 
I could be off doing something productive.
Like writing a sarcastic memoir, shopping, or helping to prevent the zombie superbug.
But no.  
My head is filled with Alaska geography facts.

That is not okay.

But, it is okay that...

The super-awesome cool Jen (who's also an army wife) sent me a Beautiful Blogger award last week.  
She also sent me a Starbucks giftcard and some nail polish..because I won her giveaway. 
(But you can totally send me that stuff without me winning a giveaway.)
  So, again, thank you Jen!

Also, a lovely representative from Kohl's contacted me after my post yesterday about the dress I bought from Kohl's...they're offering me and YOU 10% off at with this code:  TENBLOG

That's pretty okay with me.

It's okay that I spend hourrrrrssss of my life clicking around Thought Catalog.  I read this about the 35 worst feelings (1st world style) and it really resonated.

Oh, attention Great Pumpkin Swappers!  
Don't forget!
Tomorrow is the day you need to mail out your swap packages! 
We're linking up our reveals next Friday, November 9th.
Oh, the thought of all that candy corn exchanging hands....makes my mouth water...
If you need an address, have a problem, etc., just shoot me an email:

It's also okay that I got all dressed up yesterday.

Actually, I totally did not.  

Did you?

Linking up to It's OK Thursday with Amber and Neely.


  1. The tiara totally counts. Also, I often wonder how much of my brain is filled with totally useless stuff. If you ever need to know who won the election of 1844 and why, I'm your girl. Happy November!

  2. i like your text messages to scott. and sweet giveaway win? and full house clip? i miss that show.

  3. Ahhh I love that Full House episode - I watched Boy Meets World halloween episodes last night. Why can't all shows be like 80s/90s shows?

    I sent out my Pumpkin Swap gift a couple days ago! Thanks so much for organizing it.

    [Sorry, long comment, last thing I swear] Thanks for the Kohls code - I might use that this weekend!


  4. In theory, Alaska sounds wonderful =) But maybe living there for a longer time might be a bit... insert whatever adjective you like! ;-)

    Love that nail polish - the blue will look fabulous with whites and reds!

  5. I miss Full House.

    I want to leave, too!!!!!

  6. So glad you got your giveaway winnings! :) I'm excited for the swap I sent out my box yesterday. :)

  7. Can I just tell you again how much I love reading your blog? And how awesome it is that someone from Kohl's apparently did? And how cool it is that you won a giveaway? I never win those because I lose patience with those 85 ways to enter things....


  8. That last little video brought back some memories! Oh, and I'm jealous of those nail polishes. I must get!


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