November 6, 2012

Comfortable Tuesday.

Question:  What do you wear on the day in which it snows 2 inches in the pre-dawn hours?

Answer:  The outfit that is most pajama-like.

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I took, like, 30 pictures.  I could not, for the life of me, get a full-body shot.  I kept cutting off my head or my boots.  I'll spare you the examples.
And I guess I need a 4:30pm hobby if I have time to mess around like this.

Since last week's Cost Analysis was so successful, here's a breakdown of this wonderfully comfy outfit:

Sweater:  Loft Outlet, $20 (last fall)
Skirt:  Base Exchange, $15 (last summer)'s some random brand
Leggings:  Decree brand, JCP, $10 (last fall)
Scarf:  Aerie, $15 (last summer)
Boots:  Steve Madden, $65ish (Famous Footwear online sale in September)

The leggings are very thick for those windy days, the sweater and skirt are like pajamas, and the scarf is something I wear almost every week.  The boots are an investment for me (for you, an investment might be $300 boots, but I can't pay that much for boots).  They are good quality but they, as I learned last week on our outdoor field trip, are not snow boots.  They've got a thin sole, but oh, how I adore them.

Oh.  Did you enter my giveaway?  You should probably go do that.
I am so grateful for the sweet, sweet comments you've all left in the last 2 days.  I might have to make it a $20 Starbucks card.
Clearly (me, being me), I haven't bought it yet (why there's no picture in the giveaway post).
What do you think???

Plus, don't forget to vote.


  1. 2 inches? Nonsense. You look very prepared though. I'm impressed.

  2. that outfit does look so comfortable! i love that skirt!

  3. Have you not informed Scott that his new role at home will be outfit photographer??

  4. I love the outfit, it looks really comfortable. I for one have not gotten out of my pajamas yet. We will see if I can make that happen haha. :)

  5. Love that Walking Dead graphic at the end. Love Daryl!

  6. I honestly almost feel guilty every time I wear leggings because I feel like I'm wearing pajamas. I can't believe I refused to wear them until just this last spring...

  7. By the way you're dressed you could never tell it's cold outside. That's not sarcasm either, it's actually really cute.

    Also, If they were running for pres/vice pres I'd totally vote for them. Hands down.

  8. Snow? Already? Oh I am jealous! I am a Mississippi girl and we hardly ever get any snow and when we do, everyone is giddy and running around in it!

  9. I am a new follower from the Mingle Monday.

  10. You look super comfy! I'm dreading the next place we move to because it will probably snow all winter long. I like CA because we can drive to the snow if we wish...not that I do. I don't like it!

  11. I love pajama outfits. :) I plan to wear them on video days for extra comfort.

  12. I think I would never leave my house if I lived in Alaska. Brrrr....

  13. I am so entering your soon as I pick up a real iPad doesn't seem to like Rafflecopter.

    Love the outfit, as always! :)

  14. Two inches! No thank you!

    Ps blue looks fab on you


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