October 10, 2012

It's perfectly okay..

...that we went on a field trip to the recycling center last week.

And, in the midst of the lecture lesson, while the kids were learning the difference between office paper and mixed paper (something I still don't know), I snapped this picture.

It's a chicken made out of recycled metals.

It's okay that the first thought I had was "Knock, knock, motherf*cker".****

It's okay that THAT is how I know I'm a blogger.

I wonder if they'd let me buy that from them.

We do have the miniature version on our mantel.  I think mini-Beyonce could use a big brother.

It's okay that my husband sent me an email reminding me not to complain.   Dude, it's like he reads this thing or something.

It's okay that I'm going to wear shorts to the gym until the bitter end.  Just like my beach hair.  Until it's -22* in the morning, I can pretend I live somewhere else.  I refuse to give in.  I can outlast this place.

****I feel weird swearing in the same post where I mention an activity that includes "the children".  Trust me, there was no asterisk in my head when I said it.
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  1. Hahaha this had me laughing so hard!! My Dad is looking at me like I'm crazy (I might be but that's beside the point lol).

  2. This is so funny :) it's okay that I'm 15 and I thought that, right? Right? Wait...what is the difference?


  3. It's 30 some-odd-degrees outside here in Minnesota. I'm wearing shorts. I haven't worn a pair of pants since...oh...March?

    I'm holding out until measureable snow or negative degree windchills. Even then I'm not promising anything!

  4. you should get ahold of that rooster. :) and keep wearing those shorts!

  5. Without EVEN reading what you wrote below the rooster, I thought "that's TOTALLY Beyonce's friend!" LOVE it.

  6. It still surprises me when my husband mentions things about the blog post I wrote that day. I know it's public but it still makes me feel like he's some sort of stalker haha.

    You rock those shorts until those legs turn purple from frostbite! Show that Alaskan weather who's boss.

  7. Haha, I TOTALLY knew what you were going to compare that rooster to before you said it...such a hilarious blog post, that "Knock Knock" one. I've thought about buying a mini Beyonce myself, for laughs.

    I've refused to wear anything other than a light jacket until yesterday...when it was raining and 48*...I couldn't handle it anymore. Maybe this is why I've been sick for 3+ weeks...

  8. Oh my God I LOVE BEYONCE. I have the same thought when I see metal chickens. :)

  9. I had completely forgotten about the chicken story! HAHAHA. I think you linked it to your blog before. That HAS to be how I read it!

    I've been thinking lots of curse words lately around children. It's becoming a problem.

  10. Before I read your comment below the pic, I definitely thought of Beyonce! I also saw someone with a sockbun last weekend when I was out with friends and happily exclaimed "Look she has a great sockbun!" to which I received blank stares. #bloggerlife!
    Happy Friday!


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