October 4, 2012

It's okay that it's the last season of The Office

And it's okay that I'm both happy and sad about this.  I'm linking this to It's Okay Thursday because, heck, it's okay.

I've been watching since March of 2005.  I own all the seasons.  I can quote it word for word.  It's the only show I watch on network t.v.

In fact, in 2007, I spent money I didn't have to go meet the cast in Scranton.  It was the first ever Office Convention and I'm quite proud to say that I was there.

The money I didn't have part came in the form of a credit card.  A credit card that my husband just finished paying off last year.  I do find irony in that he paid off the "wild and crazy" times I had in college.

Please don't mind the crazy red-eye.  It looks worse when I try to fix it.

I remember this as being an awesome hair day.  Look how brown-ish it was though. 

And this was a pretty spectacular moment.

But you're not here to read about my hair...

The Office was the first show I ever watched with my parents.  We all got such a kick out of it.
My mom particularly liked Michael's relationship with Toby.

That's my favorite line in 9 seasons.

"Assistant (to the) Regional Manager" will never get old.

And "that's what she said"?  I randomly apply that to many situations.  Usually in my head, though.  Especially if I happen to be at school.

I heard there were shirts out there that say, "That's what he said" and I kinda always wanted one.

Then again, I want this shirt too, so clearly my taste in screen-printing is mildly inappropriate.

Dwight still cracks me up, and I think he'd make a great partner in the upcoming zombie apocalypse (If you still don't believe it'll happen, I'm sure you'll be the first to go).  

So all of that is why I'm sad it's going away.  I never envisioned it actually ending.  My favorite seasons were 2, 3, and 5.  I still need to buy season 8...and the first 2 episodes of season 9 haven't been bad...

However, there's stuff I don't like about it now.  
I could not stand Robert California. And Nelly? Is she for real? I wish she wasn't. She's the stupidest thing to happen to The Office since...Robert California.
The Will Ferrell thing was annoying too.  Annoying, but blissfully temporary.

I know everyone thinks it went downhill when Michael left, and that probably was a cause of my current lack of interest.  But I think I really lost interest after Jim and Pam became all domestic. I started getting bored right after their wedding, though I admit, I totally cried during that episode and still do when I watch it.  (We watched that wedding episode from somewhere in Canada, as we were moving to Alaska at the time.)

Wanna know something interesting?  Scott hates The Office.  I always assumed "loves The Office" would be a condition in my marriage vows.  He, ironically, really likes anything with Steve Carrell, but won't watch The Office.

He does like the "she ain't yo ho no mo" line from the Christmas episode of season 3.

Are you sad The Office is ending?  I hear there's a spinoff about Dwight in the works.  I'd watch that.

Source: via Kirsten on Pinterest


  1. We may be the same person. I feel all the same things as you. We keep watching because I feel like I have to. I invested so much time and love into the show and now everyone annoys me. They should have just ended it when Michael left

  2. that is so cool that you got to go to that!! We both really like the office. I do miss michael a lot though! so I think it's good it is ending for the show, but I still like this season!

  3. That is SO neat that you got to meet the cast! I love The Office but I agree with all of your reasons. I'm not a fan of Robert and Nelly just needs to go away. I cry every time I watch P&J's wedding AND his proposal. Can't help it!

  4. I actually stopped watching when they brought Robert California in, I just couldn't stand to watch him.

  5. i loved seasons 2, 3 and 4... but like you, i lost interest a bit after pam and jim got married. plus the whole will ferrell thing... couldn't even bring myself to watch those episodes!

  6. Omigosh!! LOVE the photos with The Office crew.

    I cry during Pam & Jim's wedding too. Like, ugly cry.

    That Michael & Toby photo/quote is HILARIOUS. SOOOOOOOO funny. Do we even know why Michael hates him so much??

  7. I am...sad it's ending, but not as sad as I thought it would be. If it was ending WITH Michael Scott still on the show, I would be devastated. These days...I don't feel like it's really the same show.

    Robert California and Nelly were terrible, terrible decisions from the beginning.

    But if there IS a Dwight spin-off...I'm already a fan.

  8. UHH I want that shirt too! From what I have watched, The Office is pretty funny. I just can’t seem to watch anything religiously.

  9. I laughed through this whole post! I love The Office and will miss it terribly. I also have heard of the Dwight spin-off and will be watching from the start!

  10. We love The Office. I agree, though, it got not-as-exciting after Jim & Pam weren't the center of the show.

    I love that photo with Creed. I love Creed.

  11. I got all of my sadness out when Michael left. Kind of lost interest after that. :( So cool that you got to meet the cast!!

  12. I've never really gotten into the office BUT when I teach my fire safety/evacuation lesson, I play the clip of the fire drill scene when Dwight starts the fire. Oh my word, do we laugh and laugh and laugh. And then the kids quote it. And we laugh and laugh some more.

  13. Okay...don't hate me....but I never really watched The Office.....

  14. i've had many people tell me to watch, just never got into it. i'm one that jumps on the bandwagon way too late.

    great post!
    new follower :)
    hope you'll follow back!


  15. i haven't watched the office in a long time (i think i stopped around season 3 or 4) but my fav episode was when andy first went to the scranton office and jim would play practical jokes on him (hiding his cell phone in the ceiling etc) and then he flipped out. when andy went to anger management, he just wasn't funny anymore :(


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