September 9, 2012

Sunday Social 9/9 and funny stuffs.

Sunday Social
1.  What is the name of your blog and how did you come up with it?
I came up with the "nook" part because Kelly on The Office had a sign that said "Kelly's Nook" because she was stuck in that annex all the time.  I thought, "Her name starts with a 'K', my name starts with a 'K'...hmmm.."  I added the silent "k" to "nook" because I like "K's".  It's my "nook" of the internet.  My spot.  You know.  My spot.  Even Sheldon has a spot.

2.  What do you love most about blogging?
The connections!  Oh my gosh.  The one thing that keeps me blogging everyday is knowing that there are people reading it.  It's a powerful feeling to be an "author" and write out your story everyday.

3.  What are your 2 favorite posts you've written?
I brought the sarcasm out full-force when I talked about taking my students on an overnight field trip.
And then, soon after, I mentioned how my school sent toys to kids in Afghanistan.

Hit up my about me page though.  There's some links to other important to me anyway posts.

4.  What would you tell someone just starting out in the blog world?
Blogging is SO not about the numbers.  I do a lot of link-ups, yes.  But I do them because I usually love the blogger who hosts it.  Or sometimes, if there's questions involved, I can't resist.
While anyone can blog, I find that there are far fewer who can blog well.  Those are the blogs I go back to day after day.  People who write and include pictures. Those who are honestly telling their story.

5.  Biggest blogging learning experience you've had?
Be careful who you pick to recommend or advertise on your blog.  I'm not really into ads because, truly, I don't feel like keeping up with them (I am that lazy).  Blogging is a hobby; I don't want to make it un-fun by turning it into a job.  It could lose its luster that way.
Also, be choosy about who you sponsor.  Make sure your readership matches theirs.  I've gotten new followers through sponsors, sure.  But I've also had my name misspelled by sponsors when they were advertising my blog.  Ouch.

6.  Give us 3 blogs we need to be following.
Running off the Reeses
Suri's Burn Book

funny stuffs.

The other day, someone said how great Jill Biden is for supporting teachers.  I said, "Great, tell her to tell her husband to tell his boss to stop making us do this 'race to the top' crap".
The person didn't think I was funny.
Oh well.  I wasn't trying to be.

Go ahead.  Send me another Farmville request.  We'll see what happens to you, "friend".

Children of the world?  Take note:

...and so's her mom.


  1. I love the word nook. It's one of my faves. And I totally pronounce the silent K every time I come to your blog. I love it. haha I agree it's not about the numbers, it's nice to know people are reading your posts but I would go nuts if I focused just on that. AND I totally agree about who you have sponsored and who you sponsor. It's worth it to make sure your name is spelled right.

  2. I haven't yet delved into the world of sponsors because I'm nervous about all those things you mentioned.


  3. You kill me everytime I read your posts. I was even reading this out loud to my husband.... he even started laughing! You are the best! And I am so glad we still talk :)

  4. Haha I love the Bill Cosby quote. I used to watch that show all the time! He is so funny!

    Your blog is fab and I love the name of it too :)

  5. Oh I love that picture from The Cosby Show! I loved that show! :) AND it made me laugh!

  6. You're right that well-written blogs are rare in a world of thousands of blogs. And having your name spelled wrong by someone who was supposed to be advertising you? That must have really not been fun--especially for you, because I remember how you really hate having your name misspelled!

  7. I reeealllly hate it when people who have never been in education make statements about it like they know what they are talking about (politician or otherwise). Dude, you have no idea. And, as always, love the K-stew.

  8. Wait, my parents working hard doesn't make me automatically rich? I'm confused ;)

  9. Dude, you're right on about loving the blogging connections. Getting an comment notification on my phone is like crack, I love it. There are so many fantastic women I've met through blogging, it's great.

    That's fantastic advice for a new blogger. To many people get caught up with their number of google readers, the truth is I have a lot of readers that aren't even registered.


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