September 30, 2012

Crafty Sunday. and funny stuffs.

First things first.  Thank you all for your sweet comments about my blah-gon-es-tee on Friday.  Many of you mentioned why you started your blogs and how important it is to stick to your roots and remember why you're doing it.  This is true.
I started my blog to keep a record of "our life".  "Our life" quickly became "my life/interests/hobbies/obsessions" when my husband started working crazy hours and then left for trainings and deployment.
I can tell you that the reason I try to blog almost everyday is because I adore my blog friends.  I want to talk to you everyday.  It's not about sharing, record-keeping, or documenting.  It's about communicating.  So I blog to communicate.  If there wasn't someone out willing to read it, I probably wouldn't be as obsessive about making sure I'm writing it.  I'm ridiculously grateful for all you willing folks.
A couple of weeks ago, this gal posted about a yarn wreath she had made.

I insist, and will continue to insist, that I'm not crafty.  I don't do mod podge.  Or stencils.  I have no Cricut.  I don't even have a color printer!  Nor can I turn on the sewing machine.

In fact, I really like this skirt.  And it doesn't seem too difficult.  When my husband comes home, maybe he will help me.  (Actually, I'm hoping that if I pick just the right time on just the right day, and maybe bake him some cookies, he'll just take over and make it for me.)

I usually spend my Sundays laying around.  Before you jump down my throat, let me say that I used to go to church on Sundays.  And it didn't always used to be this way.  However, deployment will do that to you.  As will a gym that offers NO classes on Sundays (areyoulisteningtomeATTSportscenter?)

So when I saw this craft idea, I took off for Jo-Ann's in my sweatpants and fake-Uggs.  I promptly ran into a student at the store.  And then I had to smile.  It was awkward.

I bought 3 types of yarn, lots of felt, and 3 wreaths for $17.  I made these 2 in some lovely fall colors.

I'm working on another one for the front door.

It will, of course, be hung on the INSIDE of the door though.  No need for it to blow away and have all my craftsmanship go to waste.

And since things look like this when I "craft", I didn't do a tutorial.

Instead, go to this lady's blog and read her tutorial.

If I can follow it, so can you.  Trust me on that.

funny stuffs.

Source: via Kristin on Pinterest

Can we just talk about how much I hate the Kardashians?  I care not for their clothes, their shows, their children, whatever.
But this Scott Disick?  I think I like him.  Anyone who tells one of those girls when they're being a  tw*t is a good guy in my book.

Plus, I think we all need to adopt this attitude.

And he and I apparently have the same problem-solving skills.

For example:  My 'check engine' light was on intermittently from November of last year to this past May.  I ignored it.  Eventually it turned off and I haven't seen it since May.
See?  Problem solved.

Finally.  It feels like a national holiday.
Source: via Danielle on Pinterest


  1. yayyy dexter! can.not.wait! Cute wreaths! I bet you totally could make the skirt. I'm sure I would find some way to screw it up though

  2. Your wreaths are super cute! I've had a wreath and ribbon sitting on my dining room table since August, still in the bag, so you may have inspired me to break it out and get it done.

  3. Haha love the last one. And I always think the Scott Disick photos on Pinterest are super funny. There's another one I love that has him and Kim K in it and she's going through her mail and says oh look someone sent me a free yoga class and he says yeah because you obviously can't afford that yourself.
    Makes me laugh every time.

  4. Man...those wreaths are impressive! I'm especially impressed by the little rosettes!

  5. I love Scott Disik. He's the man!!

  6. You craft like I do!!! So messy. I can't do tutorials either. I'll just tell and show the finished product. :)

  7. Hahaha great post!! I like Scott Disick a lot too! He cracks me up. Your DIY project looks awesome for fall, good job!! I always think I can "DIY" but I'm not good at taking pictures and I alwayssss make a huge mess, as well, haha.

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

  8. Look at you being all crafty, go you! They really came out fantastic! I have to go back & read Friday's post because I'm having a BIG issue with where my blog is right now. Sometimes it doesnt even feel like me who's writing it, when I go back & read through the posts :/

    Just so you know, I'll always be here to read your hilarious posts.

  9. yes you can definitely make that skirt!! and you ARE crafty now! :) love your wreaths!

  10. I love that wreath. You go! And I really wish I could watch Dexter. I need to get it on Netflix!

  11. you have the best funny stuffs always. :))

  12. Those wreaths look great! Wreaths are one of the easiest, most fun things to make....they're hard to screw up. Hence why I love making them.

    I've never seen Jersey Shore either. Score.


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