August 27, 2012

Let's talk

Jeans: Aerie // Boots: JCP  //  Purse:  Lucky Brand

Let's talk about the fact that it was sunny and warm on Saturday.  And  I woke up with a sore throat and was essentially useless all weekend long.  I was at a store on Sunday and I could barely remember how I got there, let alone what time it was.  

Let's talk about the fact that True Blood is now over and I am sad.

Let's talk about how I need a case for my sunglasses.  But, alas, I cannot find a store that sells sunglass cases.  At the PX on base, they have cases they give away when you buy sunglasses.  I wanted to buy just a case.  They wouldn't let me.  WHERE CAN I BUY A CASE FOR MY SUNGLASSES?? (And do not say 'Vera Bradley'.  I will smack you.  Those things are the size of lunchboxes.)

Let's talk about the fact that I was only in the PX in the first place to check on my Lucky Brand dress.  Still full price.  Can't buy it yet.  $74 for a sundress just doesn't sit well with me.

Let's talk about the fact that my hair hasn't been cut since the first week in March.

Let's talk about the fact that random strangers have stopped me to compliment my purse.  ("Why yes, it is awesome, thank you.")

Let's talk about the fact that these are the best jeans ever.  Aerie Skinny jeans.  Super soft, super stretchy.  They cling in the right places and never get stretched out.  I can't find jeans on their website, but I bought them at the Aerie in the mall back in March.

Or we could talk about the fact that the sweatshirt I'm wearing in that picture is an 8 year old PSU sweatshirt I got my first semester of college.  I still wear it at least once a week.  I've probably gotten my $20 worth out of it.  Maybe.

Let's talk about the fact that I ate Oreos and dry cereal for dinner last night.

No.  Let's not talk about that.

Happy Monday!  There's a 3 day weekend coming up.  Just keep thinking about that, friends.  We'll make it.


  1. Oreos and dry cereal sound like the dinner of champions. Good luck with your second week!

  2. First of all, that purse IS awesome!! And I burst into laughter when I read that part.. cause I was all thinking to myself: "wow... that purse is freakin cute!! I should comment about it in a sec"... BAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

    Oh, and to be really honest... I didn't say "freakin" in my head... what I said... well, you know what I said. ;)

  3. i want to talk about your purse too. I love it! I ate dry cereal last night too. and that is what I am eating as I'm typing this.

  4. your comment about not knowing why you were in the store or what time of day it was made me chuckle. oreos and cereal sounds like a yummy dinner!

  5. I want to talk about your boots. This is the second pair that I've seen that I love. So cute!

  6. Very cute purse! The upcoming long weekend is all that's getting me through today/this week! I hope it goes quickly for both of us :)

  7. What'd you think about the finale of TB? So much happened!

  8. Um...whenever you decide you dont want that purse anymore, I'll take it!

    True Blood is in fact over & I gotta say, I was more impressed with this last episode than the entire season. Those writers need to get to work during their off season. I love hoodies! My husband's always telling me I look like I'm still in jr high when I wear them but I don't care cause they're super comfortable.

  9. so agree, i LOVE that purse girl! so cute! im glad i came across your blog because its super cute and i'm excited to read more in the future! if you're interested i'm hosting a giveaway with some goodies (starbucks and vera bradly) i think you may be interested in!

  10. Jumping on the bandwagon - love the purse :)

    I haven't had a haircut since June 2010...I can't stand getting a haircut here, so I refuse. It upsets me that my husband can get a 45 minute long "haircut" and they charge him $25, but a 45 minute haircut for me is at least $80. Somehow I decided that I'll rebel by making my own hair look like crap...?

    Oh, and I ate trail mix and gummy bears for dinner last night.

  11. Dear Kristin,
    I have lived in Anchorage Alaska for 2 and a half winters. I completed a BA at University of Alaska Anchorage. My brother in law lives in Eagle River but he's originally from Oregon like me. My friend lives in Anchorage. I need to get up there and visit friends and family. I'm a new follower from the Military monday post.

  12. I found you via Handling with Grace's Military Monday! My husband and I are currently stationed in Hawaii, but we're hoping to get stationed there next at the Marine Corps detachment. It's so exciting to find a military spouse blogger that is stationed there!


  13. I love that first pic/outfit! Love the boots and bag

  14. It really is a fantastic purse. Major win on that one!

  15. That purse IS cute! I love it!! and I also love being able to fit into 'old' clothes!! It's the BEST!! Stopping by from the blog hop!

  16. Hello :)

    Stopping by from the GFC blog hop today! Hope you are haveing a great week so far.

    Smooches from Germany,
    Anni //

  17. Hah!! Love your PSU sweatshirt; I have one JUST like that from my first weekend at KU ;-D I wear it allllllll of the time as well and it is oh so comfy. Love the jeans too!!

  18. Hey! I found you via the GFC Blog Hop. :)

    Where can I get that purse, and your boots? :) I love being stopped for things like that, but unfortunately my favorite pieces are OLD, I mean like 4-6 years old. I have this pair of Roxy flare leg jeans I bought in 2007 and people comment on them all the time, I almost feel guilty telling them where I got them... they definitely won't have them anymore. ;p

  19. I kind of hate that you can eat Oreos for breakfast and then wear those rockin' skinny jeans. Sigh. I guess I need your fitness routine!


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