August 1, 2012

Health-ness revisited

I wrote Health-ness last winter.  It was a dark time.  Literally.  The dark in the winter here is no joke.  Winter mindset is much different than summer mindset.  So take what I had to say with a grain of salt.

Here's my current mindset.

Over the last 3 years, I've struggled with how I'm supposed to be as a healthy adult.  For some reason, it never hit me until I moved out on my own.  I mean, I struggled with jeans that got a little tight in college after a semester of too many Oreos and Doritos.  But I'd starve myself Special-K style, the jeans would fit again, I'd get involved with a boy, be busy with working and studying, and life would go on.  I NEVER EXERCISED.

Working out in my Pennsylvania life consisted of soccer (which is a bit torturous).  Working out was something I never really intended to do as an adult.  I don't know if I thought my metabolism would keep me skinny forever or what.  I never thought that far ahead.  Silly me.
I worked out 6-7 days a week from mid-January to the end of May.  You can read what I did here, here, and here.

Once summer began, I had a schedule:
Monday:  Turbo Kick
Tuesday:  Power Pilates
Wednesday:  RIPPED (a.m) Turbo Kick (p.m.)
Thursday:  Abs and Assets (essentially pilates)
Friday:  Body Blast (intervals of cardio and strength training)
Saturday:  Turbo Kick

Sunday has been a "rest" day, not because I needed it or wanted it, but because there was nothing available and we know it's gonna take a miracle to get me back on a treadmill.

When Scott came home on R&R, obviously my schedule changed.  I still managed to work out, at least going to my Turbo Kick classes.  And we were more or less out and about and I didn't have to schedule my day around "when's dessert?".

My schedule, of course, will break into teeny, tiny sad pieces when school starts.

I'll update you on a routine as soon as I, God-willing, find one.  Pray for me, please.

Some things I've learned in the last 6 months:

1.  I get all twitchy if I don't do Turbo Kick for more than a few days.  It's a true addiction.  This is going to be a problem because the class I go to 3 days a week now is ending (read about that here).  So that means I'm on my own, doing TK at home, for the month of August.  Hopefully, my other gym brings it back in September.  No.  Seriously.  I'll quit and join another gym if they don't (Are you listening AT&T Center??)
(If you're interested, I'm certified.  So I'm allowed to "open up my living room and charge admission".  I'll give you the first class free.  Again.  I'm serious.)

2.  If I'm gonna work out, I'm gonna work out.  I want to be dripping with sweat.  "Bang for my buck" is what I'm after.  I've had a really hard time making it to those Tues./Thurs. classes because pilates doesn't make me sweat.   I mean, I know it's improved my muscle tone and flexibility, but I always feel like I'm half-assing it on Tues./Thurs.

3.  It is an awesome feeling to be the most in-shape person in the class.  Ah-MAZ-ing.  I can't even describe it really.  It's just awesome to know that I'm at the instructor-level of fitness.  I went from doing hardly any cardio a year ago to an instructor this year.  

If there ever was a spoken truth...

So what's up with you and your workout these days?  Inspiration and tips, as always, are most welcome!

(Seriously, if want to take some Turbo Kick, my living room is available..)


  1. I had gotten hooked on Zumba and was pretty regular at doing it...and yes, you'll work up a sweat. I also like to run, although my knees would disagree, but nonetheless, I still do. These last two weeks have been non-stop on the go with the grands and I've actually lost more weight than anything else I've done. Maybe my next book should be--"The 4-year Old Diet: Lose the weight while trying to keep up!"
    BTW--Winters here in the Pacific Northwest are hard too; not that it's so cold, but sunrises are late and the sunsets are early!

  2. I wish I could come to your living room!!! I've been running and doing P90X. I did legs and back today. Hopefully I can sit down tomorrow. :)


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