July 2, 2012

Things-to-Talk-About-Tuesday 7/3

1. On Sunday, I took a course to become a certified Turbo Kick instructor.  Cool, right?  Yep.  Pretty cool.  More on this later (it so deserves a post of its own.)  Just letting you know it's officially official!

2.  This is absolutely hilarious.  I mean, I can't even describe how well it fits me.  (Thanks, Lauren, for pointing me to that site!)

3.  I haven't watched Sunday's episode of True Blood yet.  I'm desperately trying to catch the husband up on season 4.  I don't want to watch a brand new episode right in front of him.  Yet, I do not want him to go away long enough for me to watch it alone.  Predicaments.

4.  Upon his arrival home, Scott found nail in my tire.  Reassuring, indeed.

5.  He also hung the shelf that had been sitting on the dining room floor for 7 months.

 I couldn't work the drill.  Or I couldn't find it.  Somethin' like that...

The paper chain is how I'm marking the time of this deployment. 
6.  Here's to desserts!


  1. You are welcome for pointing out that site! I LOVE it! When I first found it (and it was because of the alot thing ...I saw it on pinterest) I spent all my free time reading through her ENTIRE site. Too funny!

  2. that is so cool that you can be an instructor. I wish I could take that class - I've heard about it before. and yeah for a husband home to hang up your shelf!!

  3. Bahahaha that last thing is too funny! And I'm glad that the shelf has finally been hung up!

  4. Congrats on passing your test! I also love how people are finding your blog...Who doesn't want cake? That person is no friend of mine.

  5. haha, that 'i do not want cake' made me laugh xD
    that sounds like a cool class- can't wait to read more!

  6. Congrats on taking the class! You'd be an awesome instructor. I love the keywords too - so funny how people get to our sites!

  7. 1. Certified Turbo Kick instructor? Very cool!
    2. lol
    3. You're so nice to wait up for him to catch up. I probably would have left him behind haha.
    4. Ugh, I hate when that happens.
    5. Go him! Getting shit done.
    6. Haha, that's pretty hilarious.


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