July 12, 2012

It's OK 7/12 and Thankful Thursday

I'm not exactly thrilled with the idea that it's already July 12th.  R&R is winding down.  I've been taking a few pictures here and there, but we haven't really gone anywhere special*.  It's just been nice to have companionship again.  That's what deployment really takes away from a military couple:  the friend you married.  

*Unless you count "the movies" 3 times.  We did that.

Anyway, 'tis Thursday, so...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that I have not been working out everyday.  I also haven't been eating as much.  So it evens out.  I think.

It's okay that I'm an odd combination of vain and cheap.  Therefore, my husband gave me the Crest Whitestrips he bought for himself.

It's okay that we can't afford watermelon (at $9.00 a piece), so we take that $9.00 and buy a 6-pack of watermelon beer instead.  Priorities are in line.

It's okay that I'm insanely jealous of those of you stuck in the heat wave.

With every complaint you tweet, my jealousy grows.

It's okay that my husband believes our neighbors (yes, those neighbors) are drug dealers.  He's been working outside a lot and has noticed an interesting pattern of visitors.

As for Thankful Thursday at The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargrave???

I'm thankful (and grateful!) for a husband who believes the same things I do.  Yes, I'm a Christian.  Yes, I believe in evolution.  It's really hard to fit in around here when you believe in science AND the miraculous nature of God.  
(It may seem like I'm throwing this out of nowhere, but it's been on my mind for months.  I'll elaborate sometime.)

I'm thankful I have a fireplace I can curl up next to on cold, summer days.  

I'm thankful for Sophie Kinsella books.  More on this next week.  I read them again and again.

See you tomorrow with my Turbokick story (the one you've all been waiting for, no doubt)!


  1. ahhh I wonder if they have that watermelon beer my way! Going to google it now!

  2. I wouldn't buy watermelon either if it was that expensive!!

  3. You'd think I'd come to your blog prepared to laugh my ass off but every time it's a surprise haha.

    It's most definitely ok to be vain & cheap, especially since I totally am. How is it even possible for a watermelon to be $9? Wow. Start a watermelon farm & get in on that cash cow. No, dont you dare be jealous of our heat, it sucks! It was 110 & if my a/c breaks down, I'll die. Really, I will.

  4. I love Sophie Kinsella! I love the idea of the watermelon booze instead of watermelon...somehow the good stuff transfers, right?

  5. Amen to believing both! I'm right there with you!


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