June 26, 2012

Things-to-Talk-About Tuesday

1. I got an email asking me to come to an event.  Apparently, it's a chance for the wives to join in on the military fun for a day.
Click to enlarge
Honestly.  If I wanted to be yelled at and told to march while wearing 50 pounds of gear, I probably would've just joined the army.  As far as I'm concerned, one of the only good parts of deployment is that I don't have to watch my husband prepare for this kind of stuff.  Notice that childcare is ALWAYS available.  I should get a stipend for not having kids.  To make up for all that free childcare they get.

2.  Last week, I told you about our yard.  The weather here has been quite amazing.  Low 70s everyday and sunny.  So I took a walk.  Here's one of those houses I mentioned

 It's gorgeous.  It's yellow.  It's Craftsman-style.  It'd cost me a million dollars.

I continued down the street on my jaunt.

And then I had reached my quota for Alaska-outdoor-time (27 minutes), so I went home.

3.  I have two brothers.  They are twins.  I realize that I never talk about them.  I never really see them because I'm trapped in this icebox.  One brother is in the air force and spends as much time as he can get away with traveling the world.  The other one is a college graduate who is looking for a job in law enforcement.  (He applied to work in Alaska.  Don't worry.  I talked him out of it.  He's a lot like me and I, for one, would not want to be trapped in an Alaskan village where no one listens to the police.  95% of what the police in villages do involves picking up the drunks from the sidewalks and taking them home.)
Anyway, Denny and Greg turn 23 today.  That just means I'm old. Very, very old.
Happy Birthday and yourgiftswillbelatebecauseijustmailedthemyesterday!
I baked some cookies to send home to them.

 Denny came to visit 2 years ago.  Now the poor boy's made the blog. 

3.  Last week, I was really off my game when it came to working out.  I did Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday as scheduled, forced myself to go Thursday night, and I really half-assed my way through Body Blast on Friday.  I was supposed to go to two other classes and I just...didn't.   However, when I look at the muscles I've gained over the last 5 months, I know that I just can't stop.  Muscles don't magically happen. 

I credit my arms to RIPPED
I should probably stop skipping it on Wednesdays.

4.  I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures I had developed.  They told me they needed a copyright release in order for me to take them because they were professional pictures.
I take that as quite the compliment! 

They gave them to me anyway.  Um, how do you even get a copyright release??  (Anybody wanna buy a picture??)

5.  My laptop is DYING.  It's 2 1/2 years old.  And it's a $500 Toshiba.  Before this one, I had an HP laptop.  It lasted from 2005-2009 and succumbed to a virus.
I am really bad at taking care of things.  For example, my husband installs my anti-virus software as I do not know how (properly, anyway). 



  1. A) While you were only slightly kidding about the childcare, I think it's a wonderful idea. Or at least let us bank those hours for like a 3-day weekend. I kid, I kid.
    B) GUNNNNS. Don't punch me, yo.
    C) Nice pics. You little photog, you.
    D) Do you have access to an NEX? You can shop online, too, but their warranty is amazing. I wish I'd known sooner. I would've purchased all our electronics through them. Seriously. Just got a new little water camera, $99, $9.99 2 year warranty, and they will just send me $99 if anything happens to it in the next next two years. No hassles. For over $100 items, they attempt to fix it, but there are no deductibles or anything. Something to look into, mayhaps?

  2. My Toshiba is slowly dying too...I bet we have the same one...it's super lame. How does one live computer-less?

    Also, those pictures are very impressive. Anyone who can take pics sans IPhone earns a prize in my book. Congrats.

  3. First, your next computer should be a Mac! They're fantastic and you'll never succumb to another virus again. Secondly, I wish my arms looked like that...so I'm stepping up my running and including more weights afterwards.
    Finally, how about sharing some of that beautiful weather with your neighbors here in Washington; we're having another rainy 60ish day:-(

  4. That's kinda awesome they thought they were professional photos. And the view is gorgeous from your walk. Not that I'd want to live there, but it'd be nice to visit. :) Happy birthday to your brothers! Oh, and computer woes. Don't even get me started. I agree with Susan - my next one needs to be a mac. But they are super expensive!

  5. 1. Really? Who in the world would want to do that? Not me.

    2. OMG, I want one!

    3. Aw, what a sweet sister. I hope he finds a job soon. It took my brother like 6 months to get a PD to except him, stupid budget cuts.

    3.5 (?) Holy shit, I want your muscles! Is there a way to get that without working out?

  6. Dang look at those arms! I love reading your posts like this because they are so funny! My dad is an identical twin, but they don't look anything a like now.

  7. How funny that they wanted a copyright for the pictures!! That's so weird!!


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