June 6, 2012

My husband gave up sugar...(I hope he reads this)

My husband, in his pre-Kristin days, was very disciplined when it came to working out and eating healthy.  He never ate ice cream.  I know.  He didn't eat chips.  He didn't eat candy.  Good thing I came along, right??  I fill the cupboards and the freezer with sweets.  And throw off all his plans of healthy living.

He told me, a week or so ago when I was lamenting about my marshmallow issue, that he doesn't eat sugar anymore.  I know.  This was brand new information.  I have no intention of (EVER) giving up sugar.  I require at least 3 desserts a day (one after lunch, one for an afternoon snack, and one before bed).  He'll be in for a rude awakening upon his arrival home.  I have candy strategically hidden throughout the house. 

About a year ago, I started drinking almond milk.  Not sure why.  Just did.  Vanilla, sweetened almond milk.  It makes every bowl of cereal taste like dessert.  Scrumptious.  Once in a while, I've bought plain almond milk; to just drink, to cut with skim milk, to use in smoothies.  Whatever.  I like to have an almond milk and a regular skim milk in the fridge in order to feel complete and comfortable in my milk options. 

Last week, the store was out of vanilla, sweetened almond milk.  So I bought vanilla, unsweetened thinking it wouldn't be a big deal.

Dude.  NOT the same thing.  Not even close.

It tasted like tears or something.  But I sucked it up.  And I ate it with my cereal until it was gone.  And then I picked up the sweetened variety.  Because apparently I need x amount of sugar to get through the day. 

This is what I've been eating for breakfast.  A cup of Special K with red berries, a handful of silvered almonds, and a handful of craisins.  Topped with almond milk.  Or not.  That mixture is actually pretty tasty eaten trail mix style.  I usually eat it that way as a pre-gym snack.

The only reason I'm showing you this is because this is what I was eating when Scott told me he had given up sugar.  I thought, "Well, apparently, I've cut down on it.  I'm using UNsweetened almond milk, after all."

No need to mention that I have no intention of ever buying it again.

Do you ever give up sugar?  Do you and your significant other differ in your opinions of healthy living?  Scott and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to the importance of exercise, water, fruits, and vegetables.  I just like to buy ice cream and bake stuff.  He doesn't.  


  1. Ah! Giving up sugar just sounds so wrong!

  2. O_o how is that even possible? Does he still eat honey?


  3. even though I am a huge sweats lover - everything else I eat pretty healthy. I buy all the "light" stuff, like salad dressing, skim milk, cream cheese, etc. and he does not like it. So some things we have two of but others I tell him since I do the meal planning and cooking I get to pick what I buy!

  4. This must be a deployment thing. And then my hubs has the nerve to tell me that he blames me for over feeding him. Yea, because I'm the one who made him go back for seconds... or thirds.
    He said he wants to get his 'bedroom bod' back. Lol, tmi?
    I told him he better keep it up when he gets back because I enjoy going to the gym regularly.
    Sugar is a little crazy to give up. I mean, I get cutting back, but giving up is rough!

  5. I'm pretty sure I would die without sugar. My hubby is more of a salty snacker. I am DEFINITELY a sweet snacker.

  6. Never. I am like you - I will always need sugar. My husband can be so good and avoid overly fatty stuff. I didn't inherit that gene.

  7. Ive recently discovered chocolate flavoured almond milk and love it! I replaced cows milk with almond milk in my breakfast smoothies!


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