June 28, 2012

It's OK 6/28 and Thankful Thursday

...and it's Thursday.  This has been the slowest week in the history of mankind.  We can talk about why this is so at a later date. 

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that I think this is really funny.  Like, really funny.

It's okay that I am hoping KStew is, in fact, cast in Fifty Shades of Grey.  That'll get everyone to stop talking about it and start making fun of it.

 It's okay that "Payphone" makes me cry.  Adam Levine just has a good voice for tragic love songs.  Remember "She Will Be Loved"???  Since 2004, Adam.  Since 2004.  The video is weird, but that's how Maroon 5 likes to play.   

Although, it should be noted that Adam Levine has about as much sense as Jason Stackhouse.


It's okay that I'm going to ask my mom to mail me my tiara.

Bridal shower.  Wedding stress=skinny.
My grandmother, from whom I derive my middle name*, would not be pleased if she knew I put this on the internet. 
I think it'd look good at the next Army ball.  Or maybe I just want to wear it around the house.

Lastly, it's okay that I made a chart.  *Click to enlarge*

*I have the longest name in the world. KristinElizabethDarhower = 9 syllables.

As for Thankful Thursday @TheRamblingsofMrs.Hargrave?? 

Well, let's just say I'm SO very thankful that I've made it through another month. 

I've also been having some deliberations in my mind about what I want to do.  Do I want to be a group fitness instructor, or don't I?  (I have a whole post dedicated to this mountain of an issue.)  I'm thankful that my husband is supportive enough to say, "Of course you're gonna do it", but I still don't know what to do.

Happy almost weekend!
I'm trying, I'm trying


  1. hahhaha I would totally wear a tiara around the house if I had one. I keep hearing they're going to cast K stew too and it would actually make sense bc the character is whiny as all get out. I read the first two books and can't bring myself to read the last one bc I can't get overly how repetitive, whiny, annoying the characters and the text are. I admit, I got sucked into the first one, second one dragged on for me. They are not what you call "good literature"

  2. those quotes up top are quite funny. and you definitely need your tiara back. ; )

  3. Hahaha! You make me laugh ;)
    Group fitness instructor? Do it! Can I be par of the group online]? Have agreat day!

  4. You should totally be a group fitness instructor. Then you need to move to Sacramento so I can take classes from you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed the rest of this week passes VERY fast for you...

  5. I am currently fighting the urge to count your 9 syllable name to check by placing my hand under my chin and talk. I refuse to do it. I trust your math.

  6. Yeeeup. I LAUGHED OUT LOUD because of that first photo :-D Thanks for sharing. I too just LOVE Adam Levine and Maroon 5. Songs About Jane is such an epic album. And that corgi cross stitch?? HILARIOUS.

  7. Definitely have her send your tiara, and PLEASE wear it around the house! You deserve it! :)

  8. I love the corgi one! And I think it would be awesome if you wore your tiara more often :) I think I would wear it around the house all the time!

  9. Adam Levine... drool. I will never understand Maroon 5's music videos, and I am ok with that. I also find it hilarious that they named their newest album "Overexposed". Fun It's OK list. I would also like a tiara. ;) Glad I stopped by from the linkup!

  10. I think everyone needs expensive headgear to wear around the house. I say go for it. Also...group fitness instructor? That sounds so fun! Hope this week flies by, friend.

  11. omfg..."It's okay that I am hoping KStew is, in fact, cast in Fifty Shades of Grey. That'll get everyone to stop talking about it and start making fun of it." = hilarious! I'm still laughing about it lol.


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