May 3, 2012

It's OK 5/3 and I'm thankful...

...speaking of being a military wife (not that we were)...

 -->This is an interesting post.  The remembering to breathe part is a little over-dramatic.  (I mean, seriously, if you have a year of waiting, you remember to freaking breathe.  Speaking from experience, the hyperventilation and tears usually go away by week #3.)  But the whole waiting-on-the military part is dead on.  Everything we do revolves around their schedule. 

Anyway..*..happy thoughts...*

It's Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay (and a little sad) that there are only 3 weeks left of school.  I better start working on my end of the year gifts!

It's okay that, as you read this, I'm on an overnight field trip...with 4th graders.  We'll have to talk about that one next week.

It's okay that R&R is fast approaching!

It's totally not okay that the sub in my RIPPED class made me mad.  I like my RIPPED instructor.  That's why I go to HER class.  Dear sub:  Jimmy Eat World is never okay.  It's not 2002.  And you're not 16.  Or emo.

It's officially okay that my finger has decided to shrink back to its normal size, so now my rings fit again.  

I'm too lazy to flip "Weirdo" around horizontally.  Plus, I don't know how.
It's grrrrr okay that I was in the middle of writing out a big long thingy (i.e. story) about how I met Scott when Blogger decided to rebel.  So, next week, I'm starting out our story with our super short engagement.  A little out of order?  Maybe.  That's okay though.

It's okay that, now that I've discovered how, I've switched back to the old Blogger interface.  They're gonna have to pry it from my death grip in order to get me to switch back to the new one again.

It's okay, it's okay, it's okay....

No, it's really not okay.

It's definitely okay that I had to Google "how to take a screen shot" to get that beauty ^ on my blog.

Oh, and as for THANKFULNESS...@The Ramblings of Mrs. Hargrave

I'm thankful that the pulled muscle in my thigh actually started to feel better because I went to the gym last night.

On the subject of youthful good looks..
I'm thankful that another salesman thought I was young enough to NOT own my house.  (I don't own it.  We rent.)  When I said, "I don't own it", he asked, "Is the owner home?".  No.  The owner is not.  

That someone asked if I was an aide when they found out I work at a school.  Because I don't look old enough to be a teacher. 

Oh, and someone asked me if I was 17 two weeks ago...

However, last night, a student ran up to me at the gym and gave me a hug.  The woman I was talking to asked if the girl (a TEN year old) was my daughter.  No.  Just no. 


  1. Hope you're having fun and surviving the trip! Don't feel bad about the screen shot, I had to Google it too when I needed to figure it out. Sometimes I wonder how we used to get through life without Google ;)

  2. hope you're surviving your overnight! and yeah for 3 more weeks of school!! I'm 2 weeks behind you. :( One time a salesperson asked me if my parents were home. I just said no and they left. figured it was a good way to get out of a sales pitch.

  3. I get asked for my pass at school all the time. And then when I tell the person that I've taught here for five years, they usually respond with "Enjoy looking young now, you'll be old soon." It's a double whammy of annoying-ness.

  4. Google is a life saver sometimes. I google everything! i got the "how old are you" card all the time when I was student teaching...annoying!

  5. Lol... opposing counsel in my deposition last week asked me if I was the court reporter. When I told him that I was the attorney taking the deposition, he said "well, I wasn't sure you were old enough to have graduated law school yet." I feel certain he was trying to make me feel green and unexperienced (which I totally am), but mostly I was just happy that he thought I looked young. :)

  6. The first time I had a parent-teacher conference, the mom laughed at me and said that her daughter looks older than I did (I taught sophomores). Most annoying is when Im at the grocery story with a hyper toddler and a baby on my hip and they ask for ID. Seriously dude, you think I look *less* than 21, do not make me bust my wallet back out.

    glad R and R is getting closer!!

  7. Oh god. An overnight? Good luck! Alas, no one thinks I look that young anymore, ha.

  8. I'm not liking the new Blogger look either so I switched back last week :)

  9. googling "how to take a screenshot" is on my list of things to do this month :)


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