April 28, 2012

Sappy Songs

Before you read about my dislike of chick flicks and sappy stuff, check out this link.
The 21 Worst Things.  First-world problems make me laugh.
I hate chick flicks.   And, unless it's written by Sophie Kinsella, I don't like chick lit. 

I rarely cry during movies.  I specifically remember my friend crying during The Time Traveler's Wife.  I don't mean to sound cold, but the only emotion I felt was sadness that my chocolate chip cookies were gone because I ate them all. When Rue dies in The Hunger Games?  I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I wasn't tearing up, because I think everyone else was.

(Funnily enough, I'll cry after a bad experience at the grocery store.)

If Nicholas Sparks wrote it, I more or less don't want to read it or watch it.  His entire library of southern fairy tales just don't appeal to me.

Unless Ryan Gosling is involved.  I'll watch paint dry if Ryan Gosling is involved.

While I don't like to watch or read sappy stuff, I'll take a sappy country song any day.  Especially if it's sung by a good-looking country boy who is mourning lost love.

#1 Let It Rain by David Nail

Holy crap.  This song makes my heart hurt.  It's painful.  I tear up every.time.  I'm not sure what the video is really about, but it's worth a listen if you need a good cry.

#2 Walk On by Billy Currington

Billy Currington knows how to sing a love song.  I wonder why/how he's still single?

#3  What If You Stay by Chuck Wicks

This also just has a haunting sound to it.  Must be all the minor chords.  I'm definitely a fan of "minor chords"....it'll kinda make your heart hurt too.  And then it kinda makes me wonder what inspired the song and what Chuck Wicks did to some poor girl. 

What makes you cry??   I recently got a Nicholas Sparks book at a book exchange (long story).  I couldn't even remember the title when I was telling my friend about it.  I said, "Uhhh..the one with the widower police officer?" and she said, "OH!  A Bend in the Road.  That's a good one!" 

It reminds me of a really s...l...o...w-moving Lifetime movie.

{Although, don't think for one second that I didn't turn on Dear John the other night (on MUTE, of course..), just to have something going on in the background while I blogged.  Fashion Star had been on, but then I realized I wanted to keep some of my brain cells, so I had to find something else to watch out of the corner of my eye.}

Though.  I admit.  Zac Efron looking like a grown-up kinda makes me want to see The Lucky One.  It was described in a preview as "Dear John meets The Vow".  Really????  Imagine that.

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  1. Haha oh my word, that first link had me laughing hysterically.

    I'm all about the sappy movies/books but I don't usually cry. I might tear up but there will be no blubbering coming from me. Watching the scene when Rue dies didn't make me cry but I teared up when she volunteered as a tribute. Weird??

  2. I LOVE sophie kinsella. I HATE chick flicks becuase they make my head hurt. I used to not cry in movies ever but in my old age, I'm getting sappier. It's never the love stuff though..I cry when animals get hurt or sick or children get hurt or sick. I'm becoming weak. Finally, Hey Girl teacher has tshirts for sale...just a thought.

  3. First world problems for the win! That was soooooo funny.

    I totally know what you mean about sappy books. I've tried reading Sparks but I hated them. I just got bored! I'm not sure about movies, but sad songs make me a walking tear fountain.

  4. I love chick flicks, but I HATE Nicholas Sparks. I have so many friends who read/watch anything he writes, and I just don't get it. BUT I do love watching The Notebook, also because of Ryan Gosling. Love him. (Except that if we ever got married, I'd also be Ryan Gosling, and that might get confusing. Which is clearly the only reason we wouldn't get married...)


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