April 1, 2012

My favorite thing about Alaska

Brace yourself.

There is, in fact, something I like about Alaska.

I use the term "like" kinda loosely...

But, nonetheless, here it is:  The daylight in the spring and summer is wonderful.

It's light all the time!  Especially during June, it really only starts getting dim around midnight, the sun never sets the whole way, and by 4am it's all nice and bright.

It's amazing.  It makes sense too.  It's summer.  It's warm (where you are at least, I'm sure).  Why shouldn't it be light out all of the time?  

I'm one of those who does not care for the dark.  I don't like being out and about after dark.  Alaska provides me with plenty of daylight to go about my business in the summer.  It also leads to staying up super late all spring and summer long.  It's pretty easy to eat dinner at 10pm because you don't realize how late it is. 
Sunset on March 28th around 8:30pm.  Sorry that my hillbilly neighbor's fluorescent green house is in the way. 


  1. That's a gorgeous picture! You know, there is something to be said for lots of light all the time! Soak up that sun! :)

  2. Stunning! You're my partner for the accessory swap!


  3. that is so cool and I didn't know that it was light that long!! I think I'd like that too!!


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