April 7, 2012

Kristin lately

My self-highlighted hair.

This is the "beach hair" I pulled out this week.  Meaning, I was too lazy to dry it...for the 3rd day in a row.

This is what it usually looks like.

I've been taking pictures of really dumb things lately.  I guess it goes without saying that I'm bored.

Here's what I've captured. 

This is what my salads look like.  Topped with french fries and honey mustard.

Spinach pesto.  I make it at least once a week.

I'm done with Groupon.  They keep sending me crap deals like this.  No, thank you Alaska-based-businesses.  I will not be kayaking in Seward anytime ever soon.

This was the aftermath of the cake batter dip.  Poor animal crackers...

Best creamer ever

Nearly expired creamer is dirt cheap.  Apparently I'm cheap too.

I tried to combine a chocolate baked oatmeal recipe with a pumpkin one.  It was gross.  Don't try it.  Try this one if you want pumpkin.

The creamers fuel my coffee addiction that's been going on lately.  This is "Monday".

This stuff is the devil.  I just sit there and eat it out of the box.  2 weeks and 2 boxes down.  I will not be buying it again.

I felt that the pot needed to be stirred last week.  I wore my tangerine pants to school.  Wait til I pull out the mint green ones...

This is what happens to parking lots when the ice starts to melt.  I needed to put it in 4-wheel drive to get out of that crevasse. Glaciers freak me out like you wouldn't believe, by the way.  I don't even like typing "crevasse".  They're like icy graveyards just waiting for hikers to fall in. 

2 weeks ago, I took my fancy-schmancy camera to school to take pictures of the science fair.  The next day, I went to school minus the fancy camera.  I saw 3 moose before I had even left our street.  This is courtesy of the iPhone.
Have you been up to anything interesting lately?  I'm not surprised that most of the pictures in this post contain food.


  1. I love the pot stirring of clothing choices at school. I do it all the time :) It took a long time for the older teachers to accept boots with a skirt 'round these parts!

  2. At least you got Box Tops from the Honey Nut Chex! :)

  3. I like the beachy look... I definitely have days where I don't want to do anything with my hair at all haha. And I need to see if my grocery store has that creamer bc it looks yummy!!!

  4. Ah! Your moose pictures never cease to make me laugh! Your hair is adorable, by the way.

  5. Love the hair. And the pants. And the honey nut Chex and creamer addiction. :)

  6. I have a crevasse picture that will terrify you or make you laugh- one or the other. We came across a huge one while hiking around Alyeska.

  7. your hair looks great! I LOVE it!! and I want more outfit pics with your colored pants!! happy easter Kristin!

  8. -Love your hair!
    -I need to try that creamer asap.
    -Your & my Monday coffee addiction is a lot alike haha.
    -Living SoCal, Ive never had to deal with glaciers (thank jeebus!). Honestly snow alone gives me the heebie jeebies, I could never deal with that sort of stuff.
    -Moose are cool.


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