April 21, 2012

It's Swap Season!

Awhile back, I got involved with Casey's Sweet Swap at her blog Stress Case.  Through the swap, I found Allison's blog, sent her a package, and got some sweet treats in return.

Because I enjoyed that so much, I got involved in another swap.

And then another one.

I've just received information for a mug swap at Suzels Says.  A mug swap?? Please.  That's not even a challenge.  I've gifted more Alaska coffee mugs than I can count.  There's a souvenir section in every grocery store.  My partner is Natalie @Spoonful of Sugar.

You must be thinking that I either love the post office or that I enjoy writing out shopping lists.

Neither are true.

Swaps are fun though.  I love giving gifts and when I get a sweet little surprise in return?  It makes a boring day into something special.

This is what I received from Tabitha in the Accessories Swap @TeachinginHeels.

I was actually pretty thrilled that she sent me statement jewelry because that's one of those things I never think to buy for myself.  I'm still wearing bangles from 2008...Plus, I love anything purple!
Then, from the Favorite Things Swap at Linny's Vault, Sheri-Ann, Sprinkles and Style sent me a few of her favorite things.

You would have to be NUTS to turn down Oreos and Sour Patch Kids.  Plus, how did she know that I use self-tanner??? Weird.
Sheri-Ann also made me two cute bracelets (my statement jewelry of choice) and sent Essie nail polish.  
I'm so glad she got me nail polish because I usually only buy one bottle per year.  Chinchilly by Essie is a great neutral color that I may actually be able to keep on my fingers without peeling it off (a horrible habit, by the way). 

Thanks, ladies, for being my swap partners!  

Have any of you readers tried blog swaps?? It's kinda like having a pen pal, only better.  Plus, I didn't feel weird giving out my address to random people.  I know that no one's going to trek it to Alaska to hunt me down :). 


  1. I did Linny's Vault swap too, it was my very first and I loved it! I'd love to join another one, be sure to keep sharing them when you come across them, pretty please!

  2. That's so fun! I love doing swaps!

  3. Aww! I want in on Linny's swap! That looks interesting! I am doing the Send Something Good project and of course, the coffee mug swap! I can'w wait to send you your mug!! Oh you are just gonna looooove it!!

    Im gonna start up a swap here soon. It's a different one. It should be fun. It's a different item each month :)

    1. Sorry we missed you for the 'favorite things' swap but don't worry, I'll be having a summertime swap sometime in July :)

    2. Sweet! Count me in!

  4. aww, fun! I love swaps! They're so fun and you really get to "meet" some awesome people, I think. Love your goodies!

  5. I've never done a blog swap before, it sounds cool!

  6. Those earrings are so cute! I dont normally like purple but those I'd totally wear.

    Sour Patch kids...you lucky girl! Those are definitely my favorite candies & think it was so sweet of her to make you two bracelets. Thanks again for joining the swap fun, it couldnt have been a hit without you. Hope you can join us cool kids for my summertime swap in July :)

  7. I was involved in Linnys swap too, it was my first and I had so much fun creating a package to send to the other side of the world.


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