April 29, 2012

Iced Coffee, My Favorite Skirt, and a Guest Post!

(But not in that order.)

Kristina at Pretty Rambles is taking some time off to get married (I know.  How dare she, right?), so I'm guest posting over there today.  I'm talking about my own experience with marriage.  It involves a quickie wedding, rain, and the airport.  I'll re-post it here once I start "the series about us" (soon enough!)....but head on over to read my post!

I'm really horrible at taking self-timer pictures.  This is my best effort.  This skirt is my absolute favorite.  I got it last summer at Old Navy for....99 cents.   That's right.  It totally didn't even have a tag on it.  So I took it to the register and the girl said it was 99 cents.  Sold.  I wear it at least every other week.  The children compliment me on it.  The adults...don't.  
Maybe it's my waitress background, but I like to think that I'm really good at serving food and drink.

I'm not saying I'm an excellent hostess.  No, no.  Far too awkward for that.  But I'm good at seeing a need for food and drink and filling that need.

Awhile back, at the first church we went to as a married couple, I was tricked into helping asked to help serve the coffee on Sundays.  All in all, I didn't mind it.  I prefer behind the scenes work.  I just had to make the adjustment of getting up half an hour earlier on Sundays to my schedule.  Sacrificial, I know.  So anyway, I had to make the coffee and hot water for tea, lug the containers around, and keep them full during the service.   Free coffee after church usually means that people are willing to stick around longer in the name of fellowship  (i.e. the point of it all).

Now I'm at a different church.  A few Sundays ago, I wanted some tea.  Hot tea.  The pastor had just started making his announcements at the beginning of the service and I thought, "Now I shall have tea."  I went into the lobby, waited in line and, when it was my turn, no hot water came out of the large carafe.  The lady beside me:  "Oh it's all gone."  Me:  "Awesome".  The lady beside me:  *blank stare*.  I turned to the man behind the counter in the state-of-the-art kitchen, "Do you have any more carafes* of hot water?"  The man:  *shrugs no*.  Me:  (to myself this time) Awesome.

I thought about going all Boston Tea Party.

Then I realized that I'd totally already done that.

Me. Dropping tea. In Bah-ston Harbor.
So I spent the rest of the service dreaming about how much I wanted an iced coffee.

The only Iced Coffee recipe you'll ever need.

I went through gallons of this iced coffee last summer.  It's easy, cheaper than Starbucks, and will get you through a thirsty church service.  Just remember to take it with you.  It's not included.

*I totally didn't say "carafes".  I said "things".  Yeah, "things" sounds much more like something I would say.

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  1. I referred to a carafe the other day to my mom as the thing that keeps the coffee warm. and I think I have the same skirt and got it also for 99 cents! It looks so cute on you! Hope you have a good week! can't be that may more mondays left of school!

  2. I LOVE when I find a deal like that at a store!! And I think that skirt is very cute!

  3. I got my cup!! I love it so freakin much!! Did you get mine????? It should be there SOON!!!

    xoxo thank you sooooooo much!

    oh, and I have a new blog... fakerain.blogspot.com


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