April 17, 2012

How I got tricked into Circuit Training

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...as ever-evolving as it is :)

 One night, I was at Spin class and started talking to the instructor.  She also does a circuit training class two nights a week.  It involves running laps, doing exercises, and repeating the running part.  Many times.  All at your own pace, of course

So I said it sounded do-able and I'd give it a try.  She said, "Great.  See you tomorrow!".


Thursday was going to be my night off.  I had plans.  Didn't she know I was going to go to the tanning bed and bake cupcakes?? 

However, I could not be THAT person.  The person who could not be relied upon.

So, after dwelling on it all darn day, I showed up at 5:30 on the track.

And it kicked my behind.  There were lunges.  And sit-ups.  And push-ups.  Oh goodness gracious, were there push-ups.  And burpees.  You better believe those were super fun.  And the running laps in between all that stuff?  The running was actually the easy part.

The class takes place on a raised, up-in-the-air track and there are people EVERYWHERE.  So if I decided to wimp out, there'd be lots of witnesses.

I'm too self-conscious to quit if people are watching. I also refuse to be THAT person.

I'm not on "the Twitter", but if I was, this is what I would end with: #icarewhatpeoplethink/shallow

 I suppose there are worse things to be.


  1. Happy Wednesday! I was wondering if you could help me with a teacher thing. Could I shoot you an email? I'd love an elementary perspective.

  2. that does sound tough. I do like curcuit training though since it definitely makes you tired so I know I'm doing something right. And that is why I miss going to the gym because I am motivated to work harder when people are watching!


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