April 3, 2012

He did it again.

Guys, I rarely post twice in a day.

Primarily because I'm a scheduler by nature and I schedule out my posts weeks in advance.  But I have to share.

Today, I came home to this.

 Yes.  Again!

The reasoning?

For our wedding, I wore pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet.  They weren't anything super expensive.  They were from Macy's.  My mom bought them.  That I really liked them goes without saying. 

Somehow, in our move from Eagle River to Palmer last year, I lost one of the earrings.  (I know, right?  They made it from PA to AK, but not 20 miles down the darn highway.)  I've been very annoyed by this loss ever since. 

I told Scott about it when he asked me what I wanted for my birthday (in January).  I said "pearl", he heard "opal".  It went something like that.  So he ended up getting me a gorgeous pair of opal earrings.  He said, "Yeah, like the ones you lost."  I said, "Yeah, no they're not." And that was that.  I do, coincidentally, love opals and wear them almost every day.

Apparently, he was still thinking about it because these lovely pearl earrings were sitting on the doorstep today.

It was very nice to come home to.  Today we started our state assessment tests and I had a lot of time to sit, think, and stare at the pictures of Scott and me on my desk.  I really miss him.  I miss having something to come home to.  There's a reason that I'm eating granola and drinking coffee for dinner as I type this.  No one expects any more of me.  There's a reason I work out almost every day.  I don't have anything else to do.  I'm just ready to have my husband back. *sigh*

Anyway, I'm counting my blessings and thinking about how lucky I am to have a husband who loves me...and who, apparently, has a favorite brand when it comes to jewelry.

I'm not complaining about that.


  1. What a sweet guy! I can't imagine how difficult it would be to be apart. Military wives are definitely a special brand of tough. Sending you happy thoughts that time flies by!

  2. Aw that is so sweet! Enjoy the earrings!

  3. What a sweet guy! To remember it from January and want to make up for it. Enjoy the earrings - they are beautiful!!

  4. Definitely a good brand of choice! :) Very sweet of him.

  5. What a swell fella you've got! This just makes me smile :)

  6. I think I may need to steal your hubby. ;)

  7. Look at you! You're accumulating little baby blue boxes over there ;-)
    Sweet man. And very logical reasoning!


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