March 22, 2012

It's OK 3/22

Its Ok Thursdays

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I wish I had a clever introduction.  I'm eating Birthday Cake Oreos as I type this.  How's that for clever?

It's OK...
...that I'm anticipating an Easter blizzard in the lower 48.  I'll take consistently cold (Alaska) over bipolar weather (everywhere else).   Have you heard of the School Children's Blizzard of 1888?? Learn yo history.

...that if I keep being too lazy to highlight my hair, I'm going to end up with that ombre look that is so popular right now.  And not on purpose. wonder when "an" became a conjunction.  Facebookers have been using it to connect nouns.  Weirdos. 

....that I make no apologies for using butter-flavored maple syrup.  I don't buy the real stuff.  I buy the cheap, yummy stuff. not like v-neck tees.  I'm crew neck all the way. 

....that I spent St. Patrick's Day watching The Office, eating dry cereal, and not wearing green.  Anyone else rebel in a similar way?

...I also make no apologies for hitting up the tanning bed.  I prefer a skin shade slightly darker than "polar bear white".

......that sometimes I prefer to say stuff through my blog than in real life.  It's so much easier to talk through a keyboard.

Is anything okay with you this week??  I'm SO very much ready for the weekend :)


  1. I spent St. Patrick's Day watching baseball, eating Chinese food, drinking non-green beer and then trying to prevent a friend from bringing a lame dude back to our hotel. Fun times. Your St. Patrick's Day sounded good too. I usually don't go out. This year was an anomaly.

  2. Oh gosh girl. If you hadn't mentioned the whole "ombre" thing I wouldn't have known that there was an actual name for that! I keep seeing that everywhere (not a fan of it...that's for sure!) I'm a crew-neck girl, too! I just remedied my polar bear white skin with jergens natural glow express because I can't justify the tanning bed dollars for now (ps, that lotion was great. Didn't leave me orange or streaky at all)

  3. I blog because I can't say stuff in real life. Talk to real people? Nah, I have a blog for that. (Of course, now you think that I'm some weirdo sitting at my computer all day. Wait, am I?) And eating Oreos is a perfectly good intro. :)

  4. My mama tells me to stop laying out, but I hate being pale haha. Glad you feel the same way! And birthday oreos sounds amazing. Have a great weekend girlie :)


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