February 2, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Here we are.  Another Thursday.  Another week closer to spring.  Um, yeah right, Mr. Groundhog.  It's been snow-storming this week.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

....that I skipped the gym Sunday...and Monday.  Body aches, chills, flu-like headache...running just wasn't in the cards.

.....that I get up early on Sundays to check the yard for moose to take pictures of and impress you people with.  I do appreciate the husband getting me the zoom lens.  He said it was to take pictures "of Alaska".  Ha ha ha.  I'll only do such things from the warmth and safety of my house.  Hence, the zoom..

....to have vowed not to eat candy for the month of January and then, when my cousin sends me my very favorite, to throw that vow out the window. 

Darn her.
...that my resolution for February is to buy no new clothes.  I haven't really bought many clothes lately anyway (2 clearance sweaters at Target are the only recents), but I like using this deployment to challenge myself with something new every month.  Suggestions for a March resolution?????

....to eat pancakes for dinner at least twice a week.  My healthy pancake recipe is coming next week.  I can't get enough of them!

...to not ever want a Kindle.  I love books too too much.  I also love bookshelves too too much.

...to be rather annoyed that someone swiped my creamer from the fridge at work (as in, all but 1/2 a tablespoon was gone).  I get it.  You had a coffee emergency.  It happens.  But I'd never use creamer with someone else's name on the lid.  I thought teachers could read.  I think, next time, I'll fill the bottle with vinegar or something...just for kicks. 

What's okay with you this week?  TGIalmostF!


  1. I LOVE books too and I never thought I could use an e-reader. My husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday and I'm not going to lie, it's not the worst thing ever. I actually kind of like it. I do love turning pages and the feel of a good book though.

  2. I felt the same way about books too. I have a nook now but I still often buy books just to have the real thing :)

  3. holy moose! and thank you for not wanting a kindle, i dont either! I looooove books!

  4. Um. That was rude of someone to swipe your creamer. If I was the offender, I'd at least replace it. It's not THAT expensive.

  5. They make toffee nuggets? OMG where have I been? I have a kindle, but I prefer books. Unless I'm at the gym, then I prefer my kindle. :)

  6. i love books and bookshelves, too! but i have a nook and it is handy to just throw in your bag sometimes. but i do like to hold a real book sometimes.

    and that moose is awesome!

  7. love breakfast for dinner! and thanks for that last comment on my blog - I love that verse and will be adding it to my daily reminders. : ) have a great weekend!

  8. So that's what moose look like! I feel the same way about books, but it seems not many people understand. I'd make monthly resolutions, but right now I'm just trying to survive this wedding crap. Ugh, that makes me seem horrible.

  9. We do seem to have a lot in common! I like monthly goals. We just finish a no fast food for a month and I did no soda as well. I am thinking of continuing the no soda for another month.
    Like you, I would never use someone else's items in the fridge. If you have to use it simply ask.
    I must admit I love my nook first edition. No extras easy to use and works great. I seem to use it for books that I want to read but don't totally think are worth buying the book. It is also great for me with traveling since I am usually reading multiple books at once. I love the feel and smell of paper book though! Nothing beats it! The nook though has its advantages especially being in the military and moving all the time.


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