February 9, 2012

It's OK Thursday 2/9

Oh, thank goodness gracious it's Thursday.  I'm completely worthless Monday through Wednesday.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...to wonder why the news acts like Kate Middleton is the first wife ever to have her husband deploy.  Ummm...she's a princess.  Don't feel sorry for her.  Plus, she knew what she was getting into.  We all did.  Oh, oh!  Is that something else she and I have in common??  Why, yes, I think it is.

...to be more than a little thrilled that the Giants won the Super Bowl.  Actually, I don't care who won, as long as the Patriots lost.  Sorry, NE fans.  It's a PA thing.

...to realize that I'm bothered by a lot of things this week.  Sorry, all.  I really don't want to/mean to be a downer.

....to judge a week's productivity by whether or not I had enough ambition to drag the garbage can to the curb on Tuesday.  This week:  I did not.  

....to just take deep breaths and eat chocolate when discouragement hits.

....to realize that I ate no-bake cookies for dinner two nights this week.  I wish I was kidding

...that out of 4 Valentine's Days together, Scott has been deployed for two of them.  Well, that's not really okay, but it is what it is.  Right, military wives??

...to know that saying "Help me, Jesus" when real discouragement hits actually works.  What a good thing to know...I'm pretty sure that's the only way I got through yesterday.  

What's okay with you this week?  
Any advice for when absolute and complete discouragement hits???  This week was rough and I could use the positivity!

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  1. No bake cookies for dinner... sounds good to me! LOL!


  2. Sounds like yesterday was a bad day for a lot of people. Keep your head up! It's almost Friday!

  3. When I get really down or discouraged, I usually seek out a good friend. Not necessarily to vent or even talk about what's bothering me. Just to talk. Sometimes that's enough to remind me of the good in my life.

  4. Good point about Kate! I love that the headline is "what will she do all alone for SIX WEEKS?" Six weeks? Thats like a dream come true! haha Im sorry you had a bad week though and hope things get better. Tomorrow is friday!!

  5. Haha, while we haven't been through a deployment yet but it's coming up fast, I just have to laugh. 6 weeks?? Totally not bad! We're not going to be together on Valentine's Day either but I'm ok with that. In the past 6 years, we've only been together on the day a couple of times. I'm more concerned that he'll miss the second of 3 anniversaries. I guess I have to get used to it?

    Praying that your week gets better!

  6. I personally think cookies make a fine dinner. Did you pair it with wine? That makes it better. :)

  7. YAY for another Kristin who spells her name the right way! hehe


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