February 16, 2012

It's OK 2/16

These are more like full-blown musings than short little blurbs...Sorry if you're looking for something brief! 

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It's OK...

....that a student and I wore the exact same shirt last Friday.  Perhaps the 26-year-old teacher shouldn't be wearing American Eagle to school (even though Friday is practically "teachers wear Crocs and track pants day"...shudder).  But then again, maybe the 9 year-old also shouldn't be shopping at American Eagle.  Both sides of this could easily be argued.

"True dat", as my husband would say. [via]
....that my husband cannot, for the life of him, remember our anniversary.  Granted, we do have two.  But when you say our anniversary is May 21, when it's really May 26, and when you tell someone our wedding was September 19, when it's really September 12....it kinda makes me wonder.
Every time I correct him, he acts like he doesn't believe me.  ????   Plus, he can't remember the day we got engaged.  This might not seem like a big deal, but it was on VALENTINE'S DAY.  A holiday.  Not that easily forgettable.
Oh well.  He's cute, he pays my bills,  and he puts up with my whining.  I'll keep him around :). 

....to resolve that I'm going to spend my entire spring break shopping for new clothes.

....to break my ban on chick flicks for at least one night and watch The Notebook.  I do love me some Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.  Don't worry.  This doesn't mean I'm going to see The Vow anytime soon.

....that I sliced my thumb open while working on a Valentine project at school the other day.  I contemplated a trip to the ER for some liquid stitches or something.  Quite reminiscent of Valentine's Day 1997, which ended with 11-year-old Kristin in the ER getting 7 stitches at 1am...due to a Valentine's Day project.

...that the best compliment I've received in a long time is "how civilized" my class is during a Valentine's Day party.  I'll take it!

...that this turtle looks like me.  One time, I was eating a strawberry and I was examining it, looking for the best angle of attack (you do that too, right??).  Then, I attacked.  Scott's been laughing at that ever since.

 What's okay with you this week???


  1. I agree. I love compliments about kids' behavior. It's a total sign of their respect.

  2. Haha, I love this turtle!

    Is it bad that the image of a turtle is what is sticking with me? I agree about the 9 year old in American Eagle clothes. I remember when my 12 year old sister showed up in a fitted AE top and I even thought she was too young then!

    Oh well, Happy Thursday!

  3. That e-card is hilarious.
    But I particularly enjoy the turtle. I'm not convinced that you and said turtle bear any resemblance, but perhaps in attacking food. I recall having a huge sandwich and spinning it around (as if any one side would be smaller than another) in order to find the best attack angle.

  4. Hubs and I have a 'marriage date' and a wedding date too. He can never remember our marriage one (prob because it was a secret since his parents were pissed when we brought up the idea of getting married alone haha)

  5. Oh my gosh....Crocs!!! haha, I am a little ashamed to say I have a pair. Or two. Croc flats. And in my defense I DO get compliments on them ;) hahhaha. You don't want to see the Vow?! Oh come on! :p

  6. Haha I love that you and a student wore the same thing! And I love that little turtle... fight on!


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