January 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...to feel like an era is sadly, officially over.  Did I tell you we were at his last home game?  Didn't know it at the time.  And I must say, that was the worst night.  Wet snow.  Cold.  Miserable.  At least I'll never forget it.  And I'm pretty sure Scott will never forget putting up with my complaining...

...to order an Erin Condren planner and be ridiculously excited for it to get here.  Thanks, birthday money!  I do *heart* plaid. 

...to not like the chevron print pattern that is everywhere.  I don't like geometrical-looking patterns.  This applies to home design and my wardrobe.  

...to not be able to locate the drill in the garage, though the husband has given me instructions on where to find it.

...to not be able to use said drill once I eventually (maybe) do locate it.

...to have, officially, worked out at the gym everyday for the last week.  And if Monday only equaled out to 12 minutes on the treadmill, so be it.  It was Monday.
"They" say it takes 30 days to develop a habit.  We'll see.

...to be absolutely giddy over the fact that the Newbery Medal was given out this week and my co-worker was kind enough to pick me up a first edition of the winner (as in, before the medal is stamped on it!)

...to be excited when I see garbage cans lining the streets, because that means it's Thursday morning and the week is almost over.  

What's okay with you this week???  Link on up!


  1. I LOVE Newberry books! My grandmother would buy them for me every year. There are so many wonderful stories out there!

  2. Good things to say it's OK to. I'm excited to order an EC planner!

  3. hehe I love that trashcans mean that is it almost Friday. Now THAT is finding the positive in life!!

  4. I LOVE my Erin Condren planner, it really helps me stay organized!

  5. I am with you on chevron print, I just don't get it

  6. visiting from the link up - i LOVE my erin condren planner! it is so worth the wait...plus she sends you a $10 coupon that never expires! :)

  7. I have been obsessing over a chevron print bedspread lately. And congrats on going to the gym every day... takes a lot of dedication :)

  8. ...to not be able to locate the (insert some kind of tool from shop or garage), though the husband has given me instructions on where to find it.

    Happens all the time to this Ranch Wife!

    That's OK The Rancher has trouble locating leftovers in the fridge and canned foods in the kitchen hutch.


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