November 24, 2011

Last-Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

In case you need some last minute inspiration, this is what I'm contributing to Thanksgiving dinner:

Spinach Dip and Beer Bread

Caramel Apple Cake

I thought about Pumpkin Cookies, but I'm already adding a layer of Cream Cheese Frosting to my Caramel Apple Cake (which I am transforming into cupcakes).  I'm going to give some meringues a try instead.  Wish me luck.  This is brand new territory for me and my Kitchen Aid Mixer.

The Pumpkin Gingersnap Ice Cream Cake is also a good, non-traditional choice. 

I'm going to put together a Sweet Potato Casserole in the morning.  It's a top-secret restaurant recipe so, of course, I'll be sharing it very soon.

I know that most all of you already have your baked goods baked and your turkeys roasting.  However, there's probably someone out there like me who Googled "thanksgiving desserts" more than once today. 

I'm posting this for you.  You know who you are :)

I should add that I'm thankful for the following:

*A husband who is here to spend the 4-day weekend with me
*The opportunity to have a 4-day weekend
*The fact that we were able to purchase an outrageously priced Christmas plane ticket for me to go home. 
*The fact that even though I detest how busy it makes me..I'm glad I have somewhere to go everyday.  It's pretty easy to fade into depressed-deployment mode without somewhere to go every day. 

A few extra hours of daylight and something that physically kicks me out of bed and makes me go to the gym would be nice though.  (Are you listening, Santa?)

Stay tuned for a giveaway this weekend!

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