November 9, 2011

Is the grass greener?

No.  But if we're talking geography, the snow is whiter where I am now....

What am I talking about?

The human flaw we're all blessed with:  We all want what we can't have. 

Sometimes I think we want it specifically because we can't have it.

And once we get whatever it is that we believe we want?

We decide it'd be easier to just be a kid again.   Oh, okay.  That's just me. 

Lately...okay, always...Alaska equals where I am and everything (and anything) else equals greener.

On my mind is...

Baking.  If you divide "how much our landlord cares about people in general" by "the rate at which she returns phone calls", you will get "when our oven will be fixed".  I should be making Christmas cookies in time for Memorial Day.

Penn State.  How can you punish an entire university and community for the unthinkable actions of one sick individual?  Instead of just locking up the perpetrator, he gets to, upon a national stage, declare innocence while so many others, including the true victims, suffer.  The media is part of the problem here. If they would shut up for half a second, maybe justice would actually be able to occur. 

Edit 11/10:  Before falling asleep last night, I realized that we were at JoePa's last home game.  Irony.

Christmas.  I swore I wasn't doing Christmas this year.  But look at me.  Decorating the Christmas tree on a Wednesday night.  Like I don't have a bazillion math tests to grade or something.

Responsibility.  I forgot to pay the garbage bill last month.  When I called, the lady was mean to me.  I hung up on her and asked Scott to call and take care of it.  Grown-up tasks are not my strong suit.

Coldness.  20* felt warm today.  

This blog.  I enjoy it and there's directions I want it to go.  I physically do not have the time to network, monetize, and take it to the next level.  I feel like I'm only giving readers a small amount of what I'm capable of.  Advice on how to fix this problem?

I don't care if "the grass isn't always greener on the other side".  It has to be just a slightly darker shade of chartreuse if the other side has working ovens, a personal secretary to pay my bills, and 65* November temperatures.


  1. Kristin, you're so honest, I love it. I was actually just wondering about you. I just read about a storm over in your part of the country.

    That whole scandal has spiraled out of control. The media has condemned Joe Paterno. I haven't even heard Jerry Sandusky's name in the media in the longest time and he actually committed the heinous crimes. Also, it seems many people, especially the media, have forgotten the victims. What about what they endured & how they and their parents assumed they were safe? It's just a horrible situation. The way some students went about expressing their disgust was also embarrassing. They received more coverage than the peaceful people protesting at the statue and Paternoville.

    Haha, it seems like you're always procrastinating, but I do the same thing. It's too early for me to do anything involving Christmas right now. At least you didn't curse that woman out. It was actually warm here the past few days, I'm talking almost 70!

  2. @JustAnOrdinaryGirl
    I'm glad you like the honesty! Sometimes I want to say a lot more than I do but I delete until it's "appropriate" and "positive". I obviously didn't feel like doing that last night.
    Here's a great article I found today:

    It sums up what I was thinking and what you just said.

    The only reason I started Christmas is that with the d-ploy---- word on the horizon it has to happen early or not at all. I felt all holiday-like this past weekend so I decided it was happening early. All the shopping I did on the East coast got me in a holiday mood I suppose!

  3. Oh, and the storms were on the western coast of Alaska. Think: nearest to Russia. We live in southcentral at the bottom center of the state. Hundreds of miles away.

  4. Oh .. thats so lovely.. I tot.. only I sound like that.. Yes.. we are never happy.. Isn't it..


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