October 23, 2011

Recipe Re-do: Banana Bread and a few thoughts

1.  My oven broke.  

Really.  I didn't do it.  Stupid oven.  It must know that what I love to do more than anything is converse with the landlord.

She makes these ladies look pleasant.
My blog, my thoughts, right? 
2.  Our internet is being flat-out ridiculous.  Whether or not I can get online is much like a game of Russian Roulette.  I blame:  the internet company, the router, the computer(s).  In that order.  I told Scott not to be shocked if I move back to Eagle River this winter.  Days of reliable internet service?  I can barely recall it.

3.  While the furnace did go out once or twice in Eagle River, I don't remember the oven or the water ever letting me down.

4.  I'm getting off track.  I'm reminiscing about simpler, more pleasant times.  In Alaska.  Go figure.

I've decided that I will be posting some Recipe Re-dos over the next two weeks.  These are recipes that I may have posted when I first began the food aspect of blogging.  Or recipes in which the photos were nothing short of horrendous.  Recipes that deserve a bit more exposure than they first got, perhaps.

I would also like to say THANK YOU to my followers, both recent and loyal.  I appreciate you all so much.  You're the reason I feel the need to give some due credit to recipes that I count on as staples. Enjoy!

*I like nice, practical numbers.  75 seems to be the next practical number to hit as a milestone when it comes to Followers.  SO, 75 will equal a giveaway!  I'm thinking something Alaskan...*

This is a recipe that deserves more credit than I first gave it.  I had just started posting recipes.  I had not exemplified its true potential and ease.

Also, the photography left much to be desired. 

I guarantee that you probably have the ingredients on hand for this banana bread.

I would like to meet the person who never has bananas seemingly going rotten on their kitchen counter.

I've added pictures that will hopefully make you want to lick the screen and use up all of those bananas on your counter. 

Banana Bread.

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  1. The picture of the Hocus Pocus witches made me laugh. Good luck with the oven & landlord. Blech.

    I'm hopping over from Something Swanky's pinterest blog hop and am your newest follower, here and on pinterest. I'd love if you followed me back! Have a great week!


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