June 18, 2011

Running Update...in case you were curious

I said I was going to run everyday.  Apparently committing to something via the wide world of the internet wasn't even enough to hold me accountable. 

I bought some comfortable, cute, new Adidas sneakers.

I think I ran twice.

I'm not runner...I told you.

The night I first met Scott, we talked about running.  He said something about running a marathon.
I said I would run one with him.
He was intrigued by me. 

I'm such a fraud.

The first time he ever saw me run was after we were married and I was being chased by a horse-fly.  He said I was pretty fast when I wanted to be. 

I have very blister-sensitive feet.  I have actual scars left from cuts made by sandals I wore 2 years ago.  I've bled onto more pairs of shoes than I can count.  So I always have some kind of band-aid or blister-blocking pad on my feet in the summer.  It's unfortunate really, but it does affect my ability to run.

And I somehow sprained my toe last weekend.  I hobbled around for 2 days in pain.  I woke Scott up in the middle of the night because my toe hurt so bad I thought it was going to fall off.  He was going to take me to the hospital.

How can a person with these kind of issues possibly be expected to run?

And that's not even taking my asthma into account...

So..that's my excuse reasoning update.  Sorry.


  1. Kristin, you're too funny! Maybe someday you'll experience a runners high. Then, you'll know the attraction :-)

  2. Thanks Nena! I'm jealous of anyone who says they have a runner's high because I have no idea what that feels like!


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