May 7, 2011


I don't often brag about the beauty of Alaska.  Alaska has a very wild, isolated kind of beauty.  The it's-pretty-but-i-really-wouldn't-mind-a-sheetz-around-the-corner.

oh-wait-i've-just-driven-4-hours-into-the-middle-of-nowhere-to-look-at-rocks-and-trees-so-there-are-no-modern-conveniences-or-cell-phone-service kind of beauty. 

What can I say, it's just not my cup of tea.  Because when you're on the drive to Homer or Denali, your options of choices for cups of tea are pretty limited.  I'm a 4-restaurants-at-every-exit kinda person. 

But when you get a sunny day..then Alaska is actually beautiful.  We took a 4th grade field trip to Seward this past week.  It was 55 degrees and sunny.  That's what you call a perfect spring day on the Kenai Peninsula (our standards for warm weather are pretty low around here).  

It doesn't happen very often.  I've taken 7 trips to Seward since I've lived here.  This was the second sunny one. 

Woody, the rather large sea lion, fascinated the kids.  Since we camped out on the (cement) floor of the aquarium, they got to stare at him all night long.

 This is Huggles.  The harbor seal friend from my visit last year.  I named him myself.

 The shores of the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean

A friendly sea otter floating in the harbor and saying "hello" to the seagull.
at least that's what's going on in my imagination

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