May 14, 2011

Saturday Thoughts...The kind of inconvenience that throws off your evening

  • Alaska has a sweet and spicy smell in the summer.  I believe it comes from the vegetation that's been popping up this week.  I stopped to sniff a small tree on my walk today.  That is in fact where the smell is originating, but I don't know what kind of tree it is. 
  • I first realized that the smell was back (i.e. hadn't smelled it since last August) yesterday afternoon when I was walking around our house looking for a burst pipe.
  • I was walking around the house looking for a burst pipe because I came home from school and the water didn't work.  My first thought was "Oh, something must be broken" and I went looking for water squirting out of the house.  Because that just makes so much sense. 
  • I called the landlord a dozen times and left 2 messages on two different lines, including the one labeled "Emergency" only to get no response. 
  • The next logical step in my mind was to go to the landlord's office.  I arrived only to find that she had left for the day.  After the receptionist placed a few more phone calls, I finally heard from the landlord while I was at Wal-Mart 20 minutes later. 
  • I was at Wal-Mart because I was stocking up on bottled water. 
  • It turns out that they like to turn the water off in our subdivision when they need to work on the well.  And they like to do this without telling any of the homeowners.
  • If we I didn't like love this house so darn much...we'd move. 
  • The water was back on by 6pm.  But I was really irritated and thirsty by then, so I was glad I had bought into the enviroment-destroying trend that is the bottled water.
  • I thought about making No-Bake Cookies, but all of the pots were dirty.  
  • I made these little brownie cupcake things instead.  They were just okay. 
  • I know that being without running water is not a bad thing and it's certainly not the worst thing in the world.  But when we write out of check for $$$$ every month, you can bet that they're going to make sure I have running water. 
  • I still haven't washed the pots.

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