April 19, 2011

A slightly darker shade of pale

We all have bad habits.

I have several.

All bad habits are going to have their drawbacks, or they wouldn't be called bad habits.  Using a tanning bed has some pretty obvious drawbacks.  But I need a tan.

I'm not talking about "Snooki-colored orange" or "MoValley-Prom brown".

I'm talking about something other than the pale, chalky, I've-been-wearing-sweatpants-and-spending-all-of-my-time-indoors Alaska tan I've been sporting lately.

Springtime is for skirts, capris, and sandals.  And yes, my friends.  Springtime has indeed arrived in Alaska.  Mid-50s today!  The kids down the street are in tank tops and shorts.

What are your thoughts on tanning??  I've had a love/hate relationship with it and haven't been in a couple of years.  Being stuck in Living in Alaska has made me realize that opportunities for the things I took for granted in the lower 48 may be far and few between.  So if I want to have a tan, gosh darnit, I will.

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