April 9, 2011

Saturday Thoughts..."Jeans"

I have never liked wearing blue jeans.  Or any color jeans for that matter.  I dislike them.  You might say I hate them.  My mother knows this.  She probably got me to wear jeans all of 5 times before I was 12 years old.  I never understood why she would try so hard.  She probably wanted me to be normal.

Why do I hate them?

1.  They are uncomfortable.
2.  They make you feel fat.
3.  When they get wet, they get tighter.
4.  Sometimes I actually feel  like I'm being strangled when I have jeans on.
5.  Any physical activity while wearing jeans leads to leg-sweating, which leads to more uncomfortableness.
6.  Skinny jeans?  Forget it.  Why would you want jeans that are even tighter?  (For the record, I do own a pair.  I've worn them...twice.)

I realize how irrational this sounds to the general population, and maybe I haven't found "the right pair yet".  Well, that's a bunch of garbage.  I would have thought that I'd have grown out of this by now, and after trying all different brands, I've still not found "the right pair".  

This leads me to why I have trouble being content in Alaska, especially in the summer.  In the summer, I live in capris and shorts.  I usually put away the dreaded jeans after Memorial Day and pull them back out after Labor Day.  Kind of like a "never the two shall meet" idea during that 3 month period.  However, in Alaska, it doesn't get warm enough for a normal person to wear shorts.  Last summer, I wore capris, even when it was freezing (think below 50 degrees and raining in July) because my moral stance is that a normal person should not have to wear jeans in the summertime.  A climate where jeans are basically a requirement all year long?  Well, I don't see how I could ever really get along with a climate like that.

Why do YOU wear jeans?  Because you like them?  Because the world says you should?  Because you think they really ARE comfortable? (I know people who think this and I wish I knew what that felt like!)

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