March 29, 2011

Tuesday thoughts..

*Please don't think that military spouses have it made when it comes to insurance and benefits.  Our dental insurance is just plain horrible.  Scott's is all free, but shouldn't it be for someone willing to put his or her life on the line for you?  (Go ahead.  Start an argument.  I'll wait...).  Mine is nowhere close to free.  I just paid almost four hundred dollars for three fillings (Please don't ask how I got three cavities..I never had a problem in my life until I moved to Alaska.)  And when I asked why it was so much, the receptionist said, "Oh it was nine hundred and thirty-two dollars."  I said, "No, why was my CO-PAY so much?", and she then implied that I should be lucky I only have to pay the co-pay.  Well, if I did not have a co-pay I would not be getting the fillings to begin with because I'm not quite dumb enough to spend $1,000 willingly on cavities that you can't even see.  The moral of the story, I suppose, is that you should not think you can just live in Alaska.  Health care is expensive here.  Have good insurance in place first. 

*I was in such a hurry today to get to aforementioned dentist appointment, but I had to stop at the pharmacy on base.  Then I spent the entire 3 minutes (not long, but forever when you are truly in a hurry and I still had to get to the commissary) in line praying for patience and just asking God if He could grant me a little of that, I might be able to understand why the lady in front of me needed to ask 16 questions and why the pharmacist kept forgetting numbers and pills and needed to walk back and forth 16 times just to complete one transaction.  It made me feel A LOT better that I remembered not to get mad before I actually got mad. 

*Scott and I have been antiquing some furniture.  We're doing two end tables and a bench for the foyer.  Hopefully we'll finish this coming weekend and I can post some pictures. 

*Scott was butchering rabbits in my kitchen this weekend.  I found rabbit fur in the dishwasher.  I was too disgusted to take a picture.  He does always clean it up, but during the onslaught (literally), I just freak out.  I can't take it.  I start crying and pacing and slamming things.  I go through the same thing when he brings home fish. It's not really the germs.  It's the thought of the blood getting on everything and him missing a spot.  Sometimes I think that ALASKA is the problem here.  But, in an effort to stop the hyperventilation and panic attack, Scott brought me home some flowers.  Until next weekend anyway...

*I think I'm done trying new things in the slow-cooker for awhile.  That risotto did not make me happy and then I tried some Orange Chicken (possible recipe to follow) on Saturday.  I was sick, so I didn't eat any.  Scott had some cold out of the fridge on Sunday and didn't go back for a second bite.  I guess that means it's not any good.

*This is one of the funniest books I've ever read.  So I read it again this weekend.

*When I have this place three-quarters of the way put together, I will actually post pictures of our new home.  Seriously.

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