January 9, 2011


Something is lacking.
  I think it's the sense of adventure or wanderlust.  
The ability to "go" when one wants to go.  

You might say, "Wow that's crazy, Alaska is full of adventure".  

Yes, I'm sure it is.  

But that kind of adventure isn't for everyone. 
My version of adventure and Alaska's version don't really mesh.
  (did I really just officially put that into writing???)

I'm seeking road trips, 

new cities, 


amusement parks,
new restaurants,
new scenery.

Yes, I have this.

and this

and this

and pretty sure this is pretty famous

and this is actually a neat picture

and MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have this in Alaska

But still.  If I could replace those snow-capped mountains and pine trees with
some palm trees and humidity, my mental health would be far better off.

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