January 22, 2011

Blog-Hopping (leads to complete frustration)

I'm guilty of it.  It's been a long week and sometimes the best way to relax in preparation for the weekend is to mindlessly scroll through the internet.  I already know what new recipes I'm going to try this weekend, so I moved onto military wife blogs.  Just for kicks.

Tonight I came across the blog of a girl who was flabbergasted (my word, not hers) because a branch of the military that is not used to long deployments was asking a member of this branch to deploy for one year.  I, on the other hand, was FLABBERGASTED at her shocked reaction to how unjust the situation apparently is.  The only thing better than her reaction were the comments of others.  To paraphrase, I think the general consensus was that missing birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries was unfair and no one should ever have to go through such an ordeal.  And I should add that I gathered from the blog post that this deployment is not even necessarily to a war zone.  It could be Europe or a beach in Asia.

I'm assuming that these particular people have never watched the news.  Haven't they heard of the thousands of soldiers that did 15-18 months in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Or the THOUSANDS of soldiers that today are in the midst of serving a year in Iraq or Afghanistan?  Honestly, I wish that I could, with good conscience, post that link here.  I kind of want to laugh AT their ignorance and cry FOR their ignorance at the same time. 


  1. Oh my! It seems like other branches just don't get it. It's an unpleasant possibility that we may or may not have signed up for but we make to best of what we have. Thank God we are blessed enough to have a "family" of other wives to make each deployment a little more tolerable!

  2. I agree. It is quite ludicrous that wives are so upset about short (and rather safe) deployments. I am a wife of the Air Force. And my husband is one that deploys to safe places (because of his job). I am so thankful for this. But I am also VERY aware that I need to remain thankful for this because there are so many men, women and families that are sacrificing and being put in harms way everyday. Although I still miss mine when he is gone, I am thankful. And, I am thankful for those of you who are so brave in light of the deployments you deal with. So thank you.

  3. This was so much more than being Army/Air Force. This was a 20-something military wife plus several commentators who seemed completely unaware of the fact that soldiers have been doing year-long or more deployments for the last 8 years. How can you be a military wife and not be aware of this? While my husband hasn't done a year-long deployment to the middle east yet, I know it's coming and it's just so disheartening to read/hear such ignorance (I really can't come up with a better word than that!) from a fellow military wife.
    But I know that there are more informed/supportive wives out there than there are uninformed/kinda-crazy ones. So thanks to all of YOU!


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