January 15, 2011

Birthday presents....that I bought for myself

Who wants to buy their own birthday presents....???  I don't enjoy it at all.  I like surprises.
But, regardless, I bought the Sketchers before Christmas and called them a birthday present.  I now own TWO pairs of shoes that aren't boots or sandals. Also, the Little Dipper.  It's so cute. 

Then, I took some Christmas money and bought another pair of boots.

On this weekend's agenda:  I believe I will get around to buying Season 6 of The OfficeOver the last week, I have made my way through all of the other seasons.  So many memories.  Watching The Office makes me horribly homesick.   And the ridiculous part is that I know it's filmed in California!  Still, they do such a good job of making it seem like it's Pennsylvania.  Sigh.

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