September 4, 2010

Alaska State Fair

The Alaska State Fair is not too far from Eagle River, and happens to be right near my school. We went there on Friday evening, and I forgot my camera. So I took these couple of pictures with my phone. Just for your reference, I think the Clearfield County Fair might be a little bit bigger and/or better. At least I know where to go for the best food there! This was kind of hit or miss. But we did have a very tasty funnel cake.

The prize-winning cabbage worthy of $2,000 in cash and prizes. It weighed over 100 pounds.
We ordered this sign from Steve and Son's Carved Wood Signs at the Anchorage Market, and then we picked it up from his booth at the fair. I don't know where to hang it yet, so right now it's just propped up on our backsplash. I've been wanting one for months, and so I finally caved and bought one.

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